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June 5- June 9th Last Spirit Week of the 2022-2023 school year!

To participate in activities, you have to be dressed up for the spirit day.

 Monday - College shirt day - Wear any college or university shirt you have!

Tuesday - Celebrity looks alike day - You and your friends dress up as any celebrity you want! (Adam Sandler, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, etc.)

Wednesday - Wild West Day -  Dress up like you are in the Wild West for a day! (Bring cowboy hats, flannels, boots, etc.!)

Thursday, June 8th: Senior Citizen  - come to school dressed up as an elder

Friday, June 9th: Beach Party day - come in your festive beach gear, the school dress code still applies

The Activities will vary from day to day:

*You will only be able to participate if you are dressed up*

Monday: Trivia (when you get an answer right you will get a treat!)

Tuesday: Take a celebrity red carpet picture with Marty!

Wednesday: Scavenger hunt (When you find one you get a treat!)

Thursday: Guess how many are in a jar and you get a treat!

Friday: Beach ball game!

ASB has a google classroom for everybody to  join! This will allow you to catch up on everything that ASB is planning!

The code is i7ec4l

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