Every Day Counts!

Scripps Ranch High has one of the highest average daily attendance of all comprehensive high schools in the San Diego Unified School District. We are very proud of this accomplishment and really appreciate the support from parents to have students attend school every day.

Please read the attendance policy in the Student Handbook. Reporting your student's absence the morning of the occurrence keeps you from being interrupted later in the day and keeps your student from being called out of the class to help the Attendance Office staff account for the absence. Every period of absence must be accounted for. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Good attendance is a top priority during the entire school year because when students are attending school daily, more learning and better grades can be achieved.

Revised Process for Hybrid Students for the 2020-21 School Year

Due to the restrictions associated with COVID-19, the process for students who need to arrive late or leave campus early has been revised for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.

Attendance Contacts:

Last Names A – L: Grace Parra,, 858/302-3400, then press 8, #, 3023

Last Names M – Z: Erica Savage,, 858/302-3400, then press 8, #, 3024

Arriving Late: If your hybrid student will be arriving on campus after 8:50 am, please email or call the appropriate Attendance Contact to inform them in advance, please include the student’s first and last name, grade, and reason for late arrival. The student will check in with Campus Supervision at the front of the school upon arrival, then go directly to class.

If a hybrid student is arriving late due to a home period or blank in schedule due to a Miramar College class for the first class of the day, upon arrival the student will show a copy of their schedule to Campus Supervision – hard copy or on cell phone. The student will check in with Campus Supervision and then go directly to class.

Leaving Early: If a hybrid student needs to leave campus prior to 12:50 pm, please email or call the appropriate Attendance Contact by 3:30 pm one day prior to the occurrence. (No hand written notes will be accepted. Late requests will be processed when feasible.) Please inform your student in advance. Please also email the teacher directly to let them know.

Student will be responsible for letting the teacher know that they need to leave the classroom. The teacher will verify via electronic communication, prior to allowing student to leave. Student will leave campus directly, checking out with Campus Supervision at the front of the school.

If a hybrid student is leaving prior to 12:50 pm due to a home period or blank in schedule due to a Miramar College class for the final class of the day, the student will show a copy of their schedule to Campus Supervision – hard copy or on cell phone.

Reporting Absences

Absence & Tardy Verification

When verifying an absence or tardy for your student, please give specific information regarding the reason. Tardy students must sign in at the Attendance Office upon arrival. Consequences for excessive unexcused absences and tardies (5 or more per semester) will be assigned through our normal attendance procedures, including Senior Review for 12th grade students.

Please call the Scripps Ranch High School Attendance Office at (858) 302-3400 as early as possible to verify a student’s absence.

Attendance Policy

Excused Absences

  • Illness (Absences due to illness for three or more consecutive days require a note from your doctor to be excused.)

  • Medical or dental appointments.

  • Death in the family.

  • Court appointments

  • College visits

  • Extreme family emergency. Please be specific. Absences do not earn state funding and need to be discussed with attendance staff.

Unexcused Absences

  • Transportation problems.

  • Oversleeping.

  • Family activities out of town (vacations or trips).

  • Personal matters

Attendance Codes

  • A = Unverified Absence

  • B = Bus did not pick-up student

  • C = Contract Independent Study (CIS)

  • D = Detained

  • E = Excused

  • F = Field Trip

  • G = No Credit Earned

  • I = Illness

  • K = Saturday School (make-up)

  • L = Late or leave early (excused)

  • M = Bereavement

  • N = In-school Suspension

  • R = Religious Holiday

  • S = Suspended

  • T = Late/Tardy (0-30 minutes late or leave early, unexcused)

  • Z = Truant

Absence verification should be made by parent via telephone, e-mail, or note.

Blue Slips - Medical Appointments/Personal Business

Blue slips for medical, dental or other appointments must be obtained in the Attendance Office before leaving campus early. The parent or guardian must call the Attendance Office before 9:30 a.m.​ to arrange for a blue slip. Requests for blue slips received after 9:30 a.m.​ require approval from the Vice Principal. ​It is the student’s responsibility to pick up the blue slip in the Attendance Office prior to the scheduled release time. The blue slip must be presented to the teacher to be released from class. The student must sign out in the​ ​Attendance Office before leaving campus and sign back in when they return.​ ​Leaving school grounds without a Blue Slip is considered a truancy. Parents cannot clear an absence via a Blue Slip after the fact.

Contract for Independent Study (CIS)

If you must be absent from school for five (5) consecutive days or more, you can earn credit by obtaining a contract to complete teacher-assigned work. Students may obtain a “Contract for Independent Study” from the Attendance Office at least two weeks prior to the absence, ​to allow teachers sufficient time to prepare assignments. Failure to complete requirements of the signed contract will result in unexcused absences. No contracts will be issued during the last six weeks of school.

Off-Campus I.D. Card Sticker

Off-campus I.D. Card stickers are issued to students who travel to a business for internships or have a shortened day. These students should carry their I.D. Card with the off-campus sticker when they travel to and from school during normal school hours. When not assigned to class, students are to stay off campus. I.D. Card off-campus stickers are issued in the Counseling Office after schedule verification. ​ID Card off-campus stickers are NOT to be used to leave school to purchase lunch/food/beverages; these items are not allowed to be brought back onto campus.

Personal Items Drop-Off

Students are responsible for picking up personal items that are dropped-off in the Attendance Office. Parents, please write the name of the student on the item that is being dropped-off and ​notify your student. Students should pick up items during non-instructional time. Items that cause disruption or distraction maybe confiscated and brought to the grade level vice principal. No deliveries or notices will be sent to the classroom. Birthday balloons, flowers, cakes and gifts are not allowed to be delivered on campus during school hours. There is no outside vendor lunch deliveries allowed.

K-12 Enrollment Forms (Student Information Cards)

Students must complete a new Student Information Card each year to ensure updated information of telephone numbers and emergency contacts. Completed student information cards should be returned to the Attendance Office.

Questions and Answers

What is the procedure for excusing absences? Parents should call the school the day of the absence. It is helpful if you call early in the day.

How does student arrange to leave campus for personal or emergency reasons? The parent needs to call the Attendance Office between 7 and 9:30 a.m. A Blue Slip will be prepared, which the student must pick up before they leave the school campus. For emergency appointments, please call the Attendance Office immediately. Students leaving campus without a Blue Slip will be declared truant. Students should contact the Nurse, Attendance Office, or a Vice Principal if an emergency occurs.

How do I prearrange absences? At least ten days in advance, student must have parent or guardian contact Attendance Office to obtain forms to be signed by teachers before the absence occurs. Students are encouraged to request a Contract for Independent Study for absences of five or more days. For absences in duration of less than five days, please contact individual teachers for assignments. Please call the Attendance Office to record the absence.

What if a student moves over the summer or during the school year? The parent/guardian must contact the Attendance Office and provide updated information.