Terri Morr ~ Saint Patrick Intervention Specialist

Adriana Dockery ~ Bryan City Schools Intervention Specialist

Special Education

Saint Patrick Catholic Schools is dedicated to providing academic and behavioral support to students with disabilities to enable them to achieve academic excellence, acquire independent life skills, and be prepared for the transition to high school.

Saint Patrick Catholic School serves students with a wide range of special needs because every student has the right to an appropriate education that meets their unique needs.

After receiving a referral for a suspected disability from a parent, agency, or school personnel, a team of qualified professionals reviews all available information, including input from the parents and interventions implemented, to determine if a child who is having academic, behavioral, communication, or health problems is suspected of having a disability. If the child is determined to have a suspected disability, Bryan City Schools will evaluate him or her within 90 days.


Children who are identified as having a disability are eligible to receive special education and/or related services. An Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed by a team of individuals, including the parent(s), a general education teacher, a special education teacher , a school district representative, other individuals who have knowledge of the child, and the child, as appropriate. The IEP will identify what type of special education services the child will receive and where those services will be provided.


One of the principal purposes of Section 504 is to ensure that students with disabilities are not denied access to educational facilities, programs, and opportunities on the basis of their disability. For a student to have a disability which may be protected under this law, he or she must: (1) have a mental or physical impairment, (2) which substantially limits, (3) one or more major life activities. For a student to be considered an "eligible student" under Section 504, all three criteria must be fulfilled.


A service plan spells out the special education and related services the school will made available to a child. These services are provided at no cost to parents.