Studying and being productive are not easy things to do. We must be so careful to balance these demands with our own needs around wellbeing. Most people struggle to some degree - some with self discipline, getting organised, note taking, memorising, etc. There is no magic wand you can wave to become a great student, like most things it involves changes of habit, practice and discipline

New - Christmas Study Template!     

The key elements of preparing to study are listed below. This mini-site provides ideas and guidance for you to improve your ability to study and be productive. The site is divided into separate pages with the menu at the top. Not all the material will apply to you, not all the tools will work for you BUT you will find something that will help you become more productive in your study and life. There is also information and guidance on how to avoid or minimise procrastination. 

Work through the list below and the pages above a bit at a time. Make small changes first and build up your understanding as you go. It will take time to overhaul your entire study approach but it will be worth building these skills for your time in secondary school and beyond into third level and a life of continuous professional development!

Key Elements

I Need More!

As you'll see, most of the resources here are videos from YouTube and in particular from the channels of Thomas Frank and Ali Abdaal, both of whom make loads of videos about studying, productivity and other life skills. Their channels are worth checking out if you want to learn more techniques.