My name is Mr. Wirsing and I am the Acadia Math teacher. This is my 10th year at Saco Middle School. We will learn a lot about solving various equations with proportional relationships and geometry. Students will have opportunities to demonstrate their understanding through projects, such as stop motion videos, making video game characters and creating scaled drawings.

Along with math, I am heavily involved in hockey and exposing students to excellent musical tastes such as 80's hair bands, old school rap and plenty of one hit wonders.


284 - 4181 ext: 2007

7th Grade Standards

The Number Systems 7.NS Expressions & Equations 7.EE Ratios & Proportional Relationships 7.RP

Geometry 7.G Statistics & Probability 7SP

One of the most common questions a student ask teachers is "When will I use math?". Well here is part of the reason why mathematics is so important. Check out this article about how you will use math.

1. Prepares you for a career.

2. Develops good problem-solving skills.

3. It increases your capacity for analytical thinking.

4. Math is a communication language which also transcends cultural, political, and economic boundaries.

5. You are able to make better arguments.

6. It makes one less gullible. With a good foundation in math, you can decipher certain realities from myths.

7. Math is an integral part of daily life.

8. Math skills increase your speed and accuracy.

9. If you understand math and can read, then you can teach yourself anything.

10. It increases acuity of the mind.