Hello! My name is Mrs. Laverriere, and I am the English Language Arts teacher on team Acadia. I have a bachelor of science and a master of science in education from Saint Joseph's College of Maine, and this is my 10th year teaching middle school. I have such a strong passion for all things reading and writing that I am back in school at the University of Southern Maine pursuing a certificate of advanced study in literacy. I also teach Chinese students to speak English through an online classroom format in my spare time.

My passions in education are definitely reading and writing. The processes are so entwined. Therefore, Acadia students learn to use both processes in concert to think deeply as they read and to communicate their thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

My aim is to share my undoubted enthusiasm about English Language Arts with students. I model a love of reading and writing that is contagious, and I show my students that reading and writing are things to be valued. My hope is that Acadia students get swept up in my love of literacy want to feel it for themselves.

Below you will find my 5 principles for addressing motivation to read on team Acadia:

Laverriere - 5 Principles for Addressing Motivation to Read