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Rutherford Adult School Website

Since catalogs are no longer being mailed, we are proud to present the following course schedules online. All courses have a direct link for registration.

We are proud to offer 24 BRAND NEW classes for the Spring 2019!

We will be adding classes as soon as they come available, so please keep checking here as well as our social media sites.

Mission Statement of the Rutherford Adult School

The Rutherford Adult School values the idea that learning is a life- long process and encourages its participants to be actively engaged in continued self -growth. The Rutherford Adult School is designed to meet the needs and abilities its participants of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

Twenty First Century Skills

The Rutherford Adult School continues to implement the following skills in all of its courses: 1) Collaboration and teamwork; 2) Creativity and imagination; 3) Critical thinking and Problem solving; 4) Flexibility and adaptability; 5) Responsibility ; 6) Accountability; 7) Global and cultural awareness; 8) Information literacy; 9) Oral and written communication skills; 10) Technology literacy; 11) Initiative