TRAVEL DIRECTIONS are subject to change. Consult a GPS,, or an

alternate service. The majority of the classes take place at Rutherford High School. Please enter Rutherford High School (56 Elliott Place) via the Middle Doors on Elliott Place. There is a ramp located on Mortimer Avenue. Rutherford High School has an elevator once you are in the building.

Courses are also held at Lincoln School, 414 Montross Avenue. The doors to enter are on the Vreeland Avenue side up the paved area past the fenced in dumpsters. There are 2 doors to enter the gym on the right side near the playground.

There is on-street parking near each school building, please refrain from parking in the yellow, blocking driveways or other tow-away zones. There are no parking lots available. We are not responsible for traffic tickets due to illegally parking.

If you need access to the wheelchair ramp or elevator, please email and we will gladly coordinate accordingly.