What We Are Learning


October / November

We have just completed the unit on Number Sense that included Divisibility strategies and rules, prime factorization, factors and multiples, lowest common multiples, greatest common factors, squares and square roots, exponents, fractions, and word problems throughout. To finish off the unit, we are doing an assignment that is a cost analysis for a trip to Disneyland with a 4000 dollar budget. The Unit Test will be given back on Monday November 12th. The new unit "Data Management" begins Monday November 12th.


October / Early November

We are at Chapter 24 of our schoolwide novel "Wishtree", that Mr. DeAbreu reads to the class. We wrote six word memoirs and completed a personal reading and peer review of "The Halifax Explosion". We analyzed quotes and dissected them for meaning. This lead to examining song lyrics for meaning, and writing Relate, Retell, Reflect paragraphs about songs examined as a group. These skills should transfer in the larger MeTube Assignment that requires similar styled paragraphs alongside a media presentation about a personally chosen song.


October / November

We have completed looking at historical events and timelines that connect to the students individual lives. Students were supposed to conduct an interview with an immigrant family member or friend to gain an appreciation for the various stories of those who have come to Canada. We Then moved into our unit of study "New France" and have examined and made detailed notes on all of the people who were in New France. We are now moving into chapter 2 of "Life in New France".


October / November

The history program in Grade 7 complements the French program well, and the students have already gained quite a bit of exposure to French Culture from 1600-1800 from our discussions in history. We have focussed on learning the meaning of roughly 75 verbs in the infinitive tense, and started to look at how verbs are conjugated in the past, present, and future tenses. We have completed units on "numbers" and "Telling Time" and had tests for both. We have now moved into a unit called "Galaxie Virtuelle" from our class On Y Va book.


October / November

We have played a variety of drama games, and done some basic improvisation. We have almost completed a unit on pantomime.