Monday March 9th, 2020

MATH - Complete # 4,5,6 on page 356. Practice addition and subtraction if necessary. Integers test is on wednesday

SCIENCE - Mixtures video due this week

FRENCH - qui suis-je activity to complete


Friday March 6th, 2020

MATH - Complete the practice package for adding and subtracting integers. Test next week on Tuesday...maybe Wednesday.

SCIENCE -mixtures video due next week

LANGUAGE - Read for 20 min daily.

Tuesday March 3rd, 2020

MATH - complete the integers sheet from today. Also, invent 5 integer problems with at least four different numbers and solve them. (example: -4 + (-12) - (-41) + 16 = )

GEOGRAPHY - Quiz is on Friday. New map is due Thursday

SCIENCE - Please work on your independent project

PhYs ED - bring your gym clothes

FRENCH - Winter destination presentations are happening. Are you ready? Also review the intro vocabulary from "Un monde pour tout le monde"

Friday February 28th, 2020

MATH - Complete 9.4 (ADDING INTEGERS) Page 339 #s 1,2,4,5,6,8 (no sketch needed), 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

GEOGRAPHY - Quiz next week. Map due Monday

LANGUAGE - Read for 20 min daily

SCIENCE - Mixtures project

PHYS ED - Wash your clothes!

Thursday February 27th, 2020

MATH - Try adding integers on pages 343/344 #'s 1-12

GEOGRAPHY - Map is due Monday and you have a quiz next week

SCIENCE - Mixtures project should be worked on. You have until the week before March break.

FRENCH - Oral delivery of winter destinations ad is tomorrow. Come to class prepared!

Wednesday February 26th, 2020

MATH - Complete your definitions for the INTEGERS unit and complete # 1-7 on page 329/330

SS - Complete your map of Canada


FRENCH - Complete your ad and practice your oral script. Speaking quiz on Friday

Monday February 10th, 2020

MATH - Page 282..... #1-5

Page 283 # 1-3

Two work packages

FRENCH - Advance yourself in your winter destinations package by 1-2 sections (ce, cet, cette, ces!)

SOCIAL Studies: War of 1812 picture timeline

LANGUAGE: Read for at least 20 minutes.

Thursday December 19th, 2019

MATH - Complete the holiday math sheet from today

LANGUAGE - Read for interest ... at least 20 minutes

***Bring 2 dollars if you' re going to the dance tomorrow!

Wednesday December 18, 2019

MATH - Without looking at your notes, can you write a formula for the following shapes: square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, cube, rectangular prism, square based pyramid, 3 different types of triangular prisms, trapezoidal prism.

SCIENCE - Complete your lab report on our experiment today.


FRENCH - Learn the entire language tonight.... or practice Duolingo for 15 minutes...your choice.

Monday December 16th, 2019

MATH - Complete "Flying through measurement" worksheet. Tomorrow you will double check your measurements in class with a partner.

SCIENCE - Complete "Heat Transfer" worksheet on Conduction, convection, and radiation

LANGUAGE - Silent reading

***last day to bring in donations for food force!!!

Friday December 6th, 2019

MATH - Page 100, # 9, 10, 11, 12. Continuing with our 3D shapes and their surface area, try out these four questions. They will make you think!

SCIENCE - Complete your experiment worksheet from today's "Ice Melt Challenge" class.

DANCE - World dance research presentation. Work on it and move it forward this weekend.

FRENCH - Duolingo for 10 minutes a day!

HISTORY - Is your Settlers video complete?

Thursday December 5th, 2019

MATH - Complete questions from day including #6 and #8

LANGUAGE - read for 20 minutes? Do you write at all?

FRENCH - Play some Duolingo .... set up an account if you still do not have one.

DANCE - Begin research on your world dance

****Food force donations ... let's hit our goal!!!

Tuesday December 3rd, 2019

MATH - Can you draw a shape on graph paper that has an area of 64cm squared, with the highest possible perimeter?

HISTORY - New France video is due tomorrow at midnight.


Monday December 2nd, 2019

MATH - Page 236/237 numbers 1-6.

SCIENCE - Review types of energy.

HISTORY - New setters video due Wednesday

LANGUAGE - Are you reading anything good?

************************EDEN FOOD BANK DONATIONS???? TOONIES FOR EDEN FOOD BANK???*******************************

Friday November 29th, 2019

HISTORY - Real Settlers is due on Monday

MATH - Mid-Unit measurement review page 225. #1,2,3,4,5/

SCIENCE: Study the definitions for the 10 different types of energy. Can you think of an example for each?

Monday November 25th, 2019

MATH - Area of a triangle. Complete pages 222/223/224 --- #’s 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9,

LANGUAGE / HISTORY - Complete work done in class.

Friday November 22nd, 2019

MATH - Complete page 220 #6, 8, 10 on measurement of a parallelogram

SCIENCE - Complete your "INTERACTIONS IN THE ENVIRONMENT" mind map. Remember that it applies to your final mark on the ecosystems test. Study for the test ... I've emailed you a study guide of key terms.

LANGUAGE - Paragraphs need to be submitted on SUNDAY AT MIDNIGHT at the latest!

PHYS ED - Clean your gym clothes!

Thursday November 21, 2019

SCIENCE - Study for the ecosystems unit test which is on Monday. I have emailed a study guide to you. Test is Period 3/4.

LANGUAGE - All 3 paragraphs are due on Monday....retell, relate, reflect

MATH - Using an everyday item, measure the surface area of the top of your bed.

Wednesday November 20th, 2019

MATH - In your math book, using a ruler, please draw rectangular prism with the following dimensions:

        • Height: 70 millimeters Width: 40 millimeters Width: 4 centimeters

After you have drawn the rectangular prism, write down a formula for the rectangular prism that makes sense and solve the surface area for your shape. (hint...it may be slightly different that the formula we wrote in class. Examine the prism and see if you know how we can alter the formula for this specific shape). Please provide the surface area in CENTIMETERS

SCIENCE - Review for the unit test on Friday!

Tuesday November 19th, 2019

MATH - Finish Gullivers travels and ensure you have written down formulas for area of a: square, rectangle, triangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid, rectangular prisms, triangular prisms.

SCIENCE - Review unit notes for chapter 2. Unit test is on Friday. Start studying!

FRENCH - Google DuoLingo, register an account, and start level 1-3.

Monday November 18th, 2019

SCIENCE - Answer the following questions in your science notebook:

  • Describe the difference between primary and secondary succession

  • How does your knowledge of ecosystems help you understand the process of succession?

  • In primary succession, do biotic or abiotic elements arrive first? use examples to explain.

MATH - In your notebook, write down the formulas for area of a square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, rectangular prism.

Next, go in your cupboard/pantry ... take out a box of anything ... and measure the total surface area of that box. Finally, get yoiur data management test signed by a parent.

Tuesday November 12th, 2019

MATH - Review your stock accounts. Also review mean, median, mode and unit vocabulary if its not totally clear.

SCIENCE - I sent you a glossary with images to your email. Please review and add notes to your science notebook on these key terms for the chapter. Also, you should be finalizing your invasive species poster/presentation. Due Thursday!

LANGUAGE - Have you written your paragraphs? Start to think critically about your song lyrics and the connections you will make.


November 8th, 2019

MATH - You have until 4:00pm today to make more stock purchases. Invest more money today if you can!

SCIENCE - Complete the research portion of your invasive species project. By monday you should have all the information ready and can use the period to finalize your presentation.

PHYS ED - Laundry time! Clean those clothes!

LANGUAGE - Move your song lyrics work ahead...and read!

November 7th, 2019

MATH - Examine the line graphs online for the stocks your group chose. Decide whether it is a company whose stock is worth buying. Finalize the list of stocks you would like to purchase with your CLASS70 money.

LANGUAGE - Are your lyrics chosen?

November 4th, 2019

MATH - complete 1-5 on page 208/209

LANGUAGE - Bring in lyrics for a song. get parental signature

HISTORY - Memorize your scripts

November 1st, 2019

MATH - Please complete the Data Management Unit Review package i handed out in class.

LANGUAGE - Read every day this weekend!

HISTORY - Bring your ID card for cameras you will be using on Monday. Also, bring any props you would like to use for filming.

PHYS ED - Wash your clothes and bring them back on Monday

ART - Finish your artwork


October 31st, 2019

No homework today! Happy Halloween! Stay warm and safe tonight!

October 30th 2019

Language- Read

History- Memorize your scripts

October 29th, 2019

MATH - Complete page 200/201 numbers 1-5. Also try number 7.

SCIENCE - Complete the Pond Water worksheet.

LANGUAGE - Reading is always expected!

FRENCH - Review all adjectives learned up to date for spelling and meaning.

October 28th, 2019

LANGUAGE - Finish your script and memorize.

MATH - Answer the following questions:

  • Kate scored these points in her last 6 basketball games: 7, 8, 10, 5, 15, 15. Find the mean, median, and mode of her scores. Next, If she scores zero points in her game today, how does the mean, median, and mode change for 7 games instead of 6?

  • There are 5 numbers in a set of data. The two modes are 0 and 2. The median and the mean are both 2. What are the 5 numbers.

SCIENCE - Complete the first half of your microscope assignment that we began in class today. Make sure to bring that sheet to first period tomorrow with the first side completed.

October 25th, 2019

MATH - You must complete the data display for YOUR collected information on Smarties (bar graph?) ... as well you must complete the mean, median, and mode for each color represented and the total of the classes' Smarties count. Due Monday morning!


October 23rd, 2019

MATH - Finish page 176 numbers 1 and 3. Also, write a definition in your work book for these words ( Bias, primary data, secondary data)

SCIENCE - Finish your food web drawing

LANGUAGE - Read for 20 minutes

FRENCH - Review the spelling of adjectives and rules for making them feminine. Listening activity tomorrow!

October 18th, 2019

SCIENCE - Complete the following questions in your science notebook:

  • What is an example of an ecosystem in your area? What are all the elements (biotic and abiotic) that make up that ecosystem?

  • Explain how the following organisms meet their basic needs for living: A)a snake B) A Cardinal C)A pine tree D) a mushroom

  • Why are producers essential to all ecosystems? Explain why they are important

  • Draw three food chains you might see in a meadow. What would happen to these food chains if:

A) A toxic chemical was released into the local water supply, and the mice in the meadow died.

B) There was a major increase in the hawk population.

  • A forest is a habitat for many different living things. What happens to these different living things if a forest is harvested?

  • Earth's climate has changed in the past few decades. Northern areas are becoming warmer. other areas are experiencing serious drought and storms. What effects do you think these changes will have on the ability of living things, including humans, to feed themselves?

LANGUAGE - Read something that you like

MATH - Number Sense practice Test on page 37 (numbers 1-10) in the Math makes Sense book

October 17th, 2019

MATH - We will continue working on our Disney costing assignment tomorrow. It is due by the end of the day. If you feel you will need more than one period to complete tomorrow, perhaps do some work on it tonight!

LANGUAGE - Review jot note slides and read for 20 minutes.

FRENCH - Review and memorize the adjectives given out in class.

SCIENCE - Complete the questions on page 23 on producers and consumers. i have written them below for you.

1. List two ways the sun supports life.

2.Explain how the plants in a meadow provide habitat for: A butterfly, a field mouse, an owl.

3. Explain why photosynthesis is important for ecosystems everywhere.

4. Forests and meadows are often cut down to make way for farms or new homes. What are some of the elements of an ecosystem lost when plants are removed?

5. How would planting a variety of plants in a vacant lot help establish and ecosystem in that location?

6. Describe the roles of plants in water (is it the same as plants on land?) Give an example of an interaction between a lilypad and a turtle or frog in a wet ecosystem.

October 16, 2019

FRENCH- Finish the adjective page

Bring a reading book for Ms. Dobson's class

September 31st, 2019

MATH -REVIEW FOR TEST ON FRIDAY! Numbers Sense unit includes: factors and multiples, lowest common multiple, greatest common factor, squares, cubes, exponents, patterns, and multiplying/dividing by 10,100,1000.

FRENCH - Numbers and Time test tomorrow

September 30th, 2019

MATH - Finish the following:

  1. Write the following in exponent form, identify the base and exponent (power)

    1. 5x5x5x5

    2. 9x9x9

  2. Calculate the following

    1. 43 b. 82

Homework page 26 # 6 a&b, 9, 11 a,c&e (you are welcome to do more questions).

LANGUAGE: Complete your 6-word memoire if not complete. Due on Wednesday

FRENCH: Complete your "Les Grands Chiffres" worksheet from class today. (71 &72)

Numbers and Time test on Wednesday. Review your notes.

PHYS ED: Are your gym clothes clean? Do you have riptide gear?

September 27th, 2019

***Bring back home informational sheet

***Bring back conservation permission forms

***Photo day is Monday!!!

***raptor trip is on November 27th ... tickets go on sale October 1st!

September 26th, 2019

***Wear RTMS shirts or red tomorrow for the Terry Fox Run!

MATH -page 21 numbers 1,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9, 10

September 25th, 2019

MATH - Review note/lesson on square roots before tomorrow morning so that you are best prepared for class.

SCIENCE - Memorize the 5 elements every biotic creature needs to survive and be able to explain a bit about each.

- In your science notebook, write a definition for the following key words: ecosystem, abiotic, biotic,

FRENCH - Finish the questions on your french "A quelle heure...?" worksheet.

- Invent one "A quelle heure...?" question of your own.

September 23rd, 2019

MATH - Complete math about me if it is not done

- LCM / GCM page 42/43 #1-4

SCIENCE - Complete Biodiversity worksheet.

MATH - You have until 4:00pm eastern time today to buy more stocks on your account. Otherwise your purchases will have to wait until Monday morning at 9:00am. Buy more stocks if you have time today.

SCIENCE - Work on your Invasive Species project. You should do all the research and will have Monday's class to complete.

LANGUAGE - advance your song lyrics work and read throughout the weekend.

PHYS ED - Clean those clothes so they're fresh next week!

Thursday December 5th, 2019

MATH - Finish questions 6 and 8.

LANGUAGE - Read for 20 minutes

SCIENCE - Make a list of ways ice can be melted quickly using your body and things in a classroom.

FRENCH - Duolingo! Set up an account if you don't have one. 5-10 minutes a day will really help you learn French well!

Wednesday February 26th, 2020

MATH - Complete introductory definitions for Integers and complete page 329/330 #'s 1-7

SOCIAL STUDIES - Complete your map