Welcome to Class 70

Hello parents, staff, and students! Welcome to the RTMS website for Class 70, lead by Mr. K. DeAbreu and our TECH TEAM!

This is where we will be updating the homework on a daily basis. Students are still responsible for noting their homework in their organizers, although the website will be a primary source of class information and work to be completed.

Parents, if you have any questions or concerns please write a note in your student's agenda. We check them regularly, and I can contact you at a time that works for us both. Also, you may email me at kevin.deabreu@peelsb.com. Finally, feel free to contact me at 905-814-1729 extension 125 and leave a message if that is what works best for you.

Thank you so much for supporting your student throughout the year. We are looking forward to a great year of learning at RTMS! Here's to a year of a growth mindset, co-learning, and communication! You may check the section on What We Are Learning as well as the sub-section on Academics for a reference on what we are doing in class.

NOTE: The tech team members and Mr. DeAbreu shall be updating this website, so if you want us to make any changes, or if you want us to add a new page, please let us know on the suggestions page, by email, or in person.

Thank you for your partnership in teaching and learning!