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How to Borrow Books from the DCS Library Remotely

To request books from the DCS Library you will need to be able to access the Library Catalog from a digital device to find the books you need or want in our collection.

To access the Library Catalog go to then click on the SEARCH THE DCS LIBRARY CATALOG link. This will bring you to the DCS Library Catalog where you can search for books in our collection. It is important to take note when searching the Catalog if a book is listed as IN or OUT. Books that are marked as OUT are checked out of the Library to another patron and are currently unavailable.

To request a book from the DCS Library we ask that you:

  1. Write down or take a screenshot of the Title, Author, and Call Number for the Book(s) you would like to Check-Out.

  2. Email Ms. Damone at with this information about your book(s).

  3. Check your email: Once your books are ready for pick-up we will then email a confirmation to you to let you know when your books are ready for pick-up on the DCS Library Cart at the Main Entrance of DCS.

  4. Happy Reading!

  5. You may keep your books until you are done reading them. When you are done with your books return them to the DCS Library Cart at the Main Entrance of DCS.

Depending on the number of requests in any given day and week, It may take up to 1-3 full business days for book requests to be fulfilled. We thank you all so much for your support and patience!

If you have questions or need help accessing resources please email Ms. Damone at

How to get a FREE public library card to access CloudLibrary:

  • Sign up for a FREE library card at the Maine State Library online:

  • Choose Option 1 to receive a library card number by email for use with electronic resources.

  • In 24-48 Hours you will receive an e-mail with your patron barcode number.

  • Then, go to CloudLibrary and select United States, then Maine, and then your library. If using a Maine State Library Card, you will use Augusta: Maine State Library.

  • By default, all titles in the collection will show up initially. You may want to apply filters to select format and availability. Some examples of applying filters illustrated below.

  • If a book is available click borrow, then read, and you're good to go. Happy reading!

  • If a book is unavailable you can place a hold on any title which is not currently available. You will receive an email when it becomes available. (And it usually doesn't take as long as they say it will!)

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How to Register with the Maine State Library and Access CloudLibrary


In addition to accessing the Maine State Library Digital Collections through their registration process and the CloudLibrary. DCS also has a small collection of eBooks and Digital Audiobooks. To access our digital collection:

1. Click on SEARCH THE LIBRARY CATALOG on this page.

2. Once there, click on the Log In link and log in using the credentials: [Username: dcsreads | Password: dcs2020]

3. On the Left-Hand Side of the screen click on Resource Lists. Click on Digital Offerings. This includes a list of everything DCS has in digital format. Anything with an e is a digital eBook, anything with a blue speaker icon indicates a digital audiobook.

4. Once you find a book you want to read, just click Play or Open and it is yours to read.

5. Happy reading!