Kennebunk High School School Counseling Department

We are a team of school counselors and school social workers, committed to supporting, promoting and enhancing the learning process for all students, and providing resources and support for all students and families! Think of this site as a one-stop-shop for academic, career, college planning and social emotional support and resources.  

College Visits to KHS

Please don't miss this great opportunity to meet in person with an admission representative who may ultimately be making an admission decision on your behalf. Meetings can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the representative and the amount of questions the group has. 



School Counselors

Caroline Alaimo

Last Names

Class of 2024-2025: A-G

Class of 2026: A-F

Class of 2027: A-G


ph: 207-985-1110 x1134

Michelle Owen

Last names:

Class of 2024: H-M

Class of 2025: H-P

Class of 2026: G-M

Class of 20227: H-O

ph: 207-985-1110 x1135

Spencer Allison

Last Names:

Class of 2024: N-Z

Class of 2025: Q-Z

Class of 2026: N-Z

Class of 2027: P-Z

ph: 207-985-1110 x1136

Social Workers

Elizabeth Roope

Special Services

ph: 207-985-1110 x1133

Rachel Lira

General Education

ph: 207-985-1110 x1137

Diann Gut

Special Services

ph: 207-985-1110 x3142

Tara Pullen

Special Services

Our (amazing) team members

Linda McCluskey

ph: 207-985-1114 ext 1150

Linda Wiewel

ph: 207-985-1114 ext 1153