Art 1

Art 1 is a beginner course that is appropriate for any student that is interested in learning more about art! Throughout the year we try many different mediums- Pastel, clay, paint, charcoal etc- and learn various techniques and skills that can be used to create successful works of art. There will be a strong focus on Composition and how Elements and Principles can be used to create more visually appealing art. We will critique and discuss artwork, explore art history, and practice preparing artwork for display. Throughout the year students will have the opportunity to share their work with the public through display cases here at school, art shows, and various contests. The Curriculum covers all of Visual and Performing Arts standards needed for graduation.

Click HERE to see the class syllabus.


Still Life (Large Scale Charcoal): Unit ~ Summative Assessment

Communicating Meaning (Surrealism): Unit ~ Summative Assessment

Self Portrait (Grid Drawing): Unit ~ Summative Assessment

Effective Art (Watercolor)- Unit ~ Summative Assessment

3D Art (Clay Coil Pots)- Unit ~ Summative Assessment

Through the Ages (Artist Style)- Unit ~ Summative Assessment

Aesthetics and Critique (Abstract)- Unit ~ Summative Assessment

Portfolio Piece (Independent Project) - Unit ~ Summative Assessment



  • bring to class
  • Due each quarter
  • homework
  • helps to build skill and come up with new ideas.