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The Riverside PLD Unboxing Experience will take place over two days on 22 & 23 March 2023.

22 March 2023 (Wed): 2.45 pm to 4.30 pm

Students will be issued their PLDs and be instructed on routines on the use of the PLD during this session.

23 March 2023 (Thu): 2.45 pm to 3.45 pm

Students will be taught basic iPad handling skills and visual note-taking during this session.

All students are required to attend both sessions.

Kindly refer to the Parents Gateway message (dated 10 March) for further details.

Students who will be using parent-owned devices are required to bring their devices to the school library on 20 March 2023 (Mon) for assessment of suitability and installation of Device Management Application.  Students are still required to attend both sessions of the Riverside PLD Unboxing Experience. Kindly refer to the Parents Gateway message (dated 10 March) for further details.

national digital literacy programme (NDLP)

At MOE’s Committee of Supply Debate in March 2020, MOE launched the National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP) for our schools and Institutes of Higher Learning to help students strengthen their digital literacy. Throughout their educational journey, students will be able to acquire digital skills across four components in the “Find, Think, Apply, Create” framework.

Strengthening digital literacy of students

Watch Minister for Education, Ong Ye Kung, explain the four components in the "Find, Think, Apply, Create" framework at the Committee of Supply 2020.

personal learning device (PLD)

One of the components of the NDLP is the introduction of the Personalised Digital Learning Programme (PDLP) for all secondary school students, whereby every secondary school student will own a school-prescribed Personal Learning Device (PLD).

The PLD will be used in tandem with the national e-learning platform – the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) – as well as other educational technology to personalise and enhance students’ learning. This will also enable students to acquire digital skills and apply these skills as they navigate an increasingly digitalised world. 

The use of the PLD for teaching and learning aims to:

Support the Development of Digital Literacies

Support self-directed and collaborative learning

Enhance Teaching & Learning

key activities

Overview & Walkthrough

Watch the recorded video below for an overview and walkthrough of the NDLP at Riverside!


Parents Engagement Session

A Parent Engagement Session on Riverside's NDLP will be held on 11 January 2023.

The presentation slides will be uploaded here after the session.

2023 PDLP Parent Briefing Slides_11 Jan.pdf

parent handbook on 1-to-1 learning

The Ministry of Education has prepared two handbooks for parents to know more about 1 to 1 learning. The handbooks can be accessed from the links below.

IP2 - Parent Handbook (I) on Learning with a PLD_2023.pdf

Parent Handbook (I) on 1-to-1 Learning

IP3 - Parent Handbook (II) on Learning with a PLD_2023.pdf

Parent Handbook (II) on 1-to-1 Learning


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