FAQ: NHS Selection Procedures

1. When do selections take place?

Any junior or senior who has a 3.5 GPA may print an application and apply in August.

2. What is the minimum GPA?

A minimum 3.5 cumulative weighted GPA is required for application. Members must maintain this minimum GPA in order to remain a member in good standing.

3. Is it true that the MHS National Honor Society limits the number of students offered membership each year?

No. There is no limit on the number of students who are offered membership.

4. Do I get "more" credit/points for taking a more rigorous course-load?

While it is laudable that a student has a challenging course-load, the national guidelines for our organization do not allow us to “weight” points for tougher academic classes. The national standards require us to use GPA (minimum of 3.5) as a determining factor in inviting students to apply. The standards also say that, “It would be considered “revisiting” the scholarship criterion for the Faculty Council to bring up the “quality” of a student’s grades or evaluate the degree of difficulty of the courses after the GPA has been determined, and it should not be done.” We do use the weighted GPA in generating the list. GPA is merely one aspect of the application process which includes character, leadership and service as equally important criterion.

​5. Can I include my middle school activities like NJHS and leadership programs on my application?

You may only include activities, leadership and service from your high school years, grades 9-12. If you have transferred from another high school, it is appropriate to include those activities in which you were involved in at your previous high school.

6. How should I decide whether or not to apply?

​If accepted, you will be expected to participate in monthly NHS meetings, maintain a 3.5 GPA, and complete 18 hours of NHS service each year of membership. If you do not think you can adhere to these requirements due to work, extra-curricular, sports, etc. schedules, you should not apply.

7. Will a student be considered for NHS membership if they have been disciplined for misconduct?

Students who are otherwise eligible to be considered by the MHS faculty for the honor of NHS membership but who have been disciplined or suspended for misconduct, including academic dishonesty, within the previous academic/calendar year are ineligible for membership. Suspension or discipline dating back to freshman or sophomore year does not automatically exclude a student from membership; however, the situation will be weighed in the final decision.

8. What happens after I turn in my submission packet?

A faculty committee reviews each candidate's submission materials. Students are rated (points given) in four categories.

a. Scholarship – This is determined by the GPA & used only in inviting students to apply-this is not a scoring component.

b. Character – This is determined by recommendations.

c. Leadership – This is determined by the completed application reviewed by the faculty committe.

d. Service – This is determined from the completed application reviewed by the faculty committee.

Scores from all 4 categories are added together. If the student’s composite score totals at, or above the required minimum score, the student is invited for membership into National Honor Society. There are no caps or limitations to the number of students accepted. If your score is at or above the minimum required score for your grade level, you are invited to join.​

9. How will I know if I made it?

Decision letters are emailed to every student that completes the application process. Acceptance and non-acceptance letters are distributed through the postal service.

10. If I am not selected, can I ever get in to NHS?

Candidates are eligible for selection as juniors and seniors. If you are not selected as a junior, and you qualify again the following school year, you will be eligible to apply.

Each year, students are disappointed due to non-selection. These candidates will receive a letter that includes information regarding selection criteria that fell below the required minimum. (For example, a student might not have adequate service activities or leadership experience.)

It is our hope that with this information, you will be able to address insufficient areas. Doing so will help you with future NHS submission, if you should again be qualified to apply.

11. I am an excellent student. I have a 4.2 overall GPA. I wasn’t offered membership. Why?

Although scholarship is very important for the National Honor Society,membership in NHS is not just about high grades. It involves long-range commitment, persistent integrity, and service and leadership in the community, as well as in the school and classroom.

12. Who makes up the members of the Marquette High School Faculty Council?

The Faculty Council is comprised of five voting members, representatives across the school’s faculty. The NHS faculty advisers act as facilitators and ad hoc members and do not vote. The Faculty Council follows procedures outlined in the Marquette Chapter’s bylaws and in the NHS National Handbook and upholds the commitment to high standards of character, scholarship, leadership,and service. Our chapter maintains standards that comply with national guidelines.

13. Do members of the Faculty Council know the identities of students evaluated for membership?

Every effort is made to remove students' names from information sheets and logs, so that each candidate receives the fairest possible final evaluation for membership.

14. What are the expectations for members of National Honor Society?

NHS members are expected to make and uphold a commitment to high standards of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. NHS members are required to actively participate in the NHS service project, complete the required service hours, maintain at least at 3.5 GPA, and attend all member meetings.

15. I am a freshman. How can I prepare for NHS?

As a freshman, you should begin to keep track of your leadership and service activities, documenting time, describing activities, and obtaining information and signatures from adult sponsors/supervisors. Use the Record of Volunteer Community Service Hours form on the Community Service page to record your volunteer service work. Read the criteria under the four pillars of National Honor Society: Scholarship,Character, Service, and Leadership and think about how you can demonstrate these behaviors in authentic ways both at school and in the larger community.

16. What is an Adult Sponsor/Supervisor?

An adult sponsor/supervisor is the individual in charge of a particular event or service organization.

17. How important is it to have contact information and signatures for adult sponsors/supervisors listed on my community service record?

Very important! Keep that information up to date.

18. I am a new student at MHS, am I eligible for membership?

Students must be in residence at least one semester to be considered eligible for membership. We encourage students who have been at MHS less than one year to submit a letter of recommendation from the principal or counselor at their previous high school.

19. I am a new student at MHS, and I was a member of NHS at my previous high school. Can I transfer that membership?

Yes. Please ask the sponsor of the NHS chapter at your previous high school to send a letter to the faculty sponsor at MHS or to your MHS high school counselor.