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2021-2022 Plan: NEW

All Returning RRPS Students- Technology Equipment

  • The RRPS Chromebook is checked out to you until you graduate or leave RRPS. (except current 5th,8th, & 12th)

      • How do I clean my Chromebook? Use an anti-static cloth, spray disinfectant on the cloth, wipe down the Chromebook. DO NOT SPRAY directly into the keyboard.

  • Every 4-5 years, we will trade your older Chromebook for a new one.

        • You MUST turn in your old Chromebook + power cord to receive a new one.

        • If you have lost or damaged the Chromebook, we will wait for payment before it is replaced.

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  • Place the Chromebook in a secure location, such as a cabinet or cart where they won't be accidentally knocked over or stepped on.

  • Store your Chromebook in a cool, dry area.

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight

  • Keep track and take care of cords, and cables.

  • When storing your Chromebook for the summer, please place it on a high shelf away from pets and small children.

  • Chare your Chromebook fully, and then shut down the Chromebook before storing.

Summer Return of Technology Equipment

5th, 8th,12th grade students & anyone leaving RRPS will return ALL technology equipment by June 4, 2021 to your child's school site. (All other grades will keep their RRPS Chromebook for the 2021-2022 school year)

      • Chromebook + power cord (please return to the school that your son/daughter attends)

        • Drop off dates will be communicated by the school your child attends (check your email)

        • Summer school students- Keep your Chromebook and power cord until AFTER summer school. You can turn them into summer school when it is over. You can also check out a different hot spot for summer school if needed.

All RRPS Students will Return this equipment by June 8, 2021

      • T-mobile Hotspots- hotspot + power cord + box

        • Return to ANY School (drop off dates will come from the school Principal)

**IT department will host a drop off night at 500 Laser Rd. on June 8th from 5:00-7:00pm

Sparklight Modems- Need to be returned to the Sparklight office by June 11, 2021
Return ALL Sparklight modem to the Sparklight office located at 7501 Nita Pl. NE- just off of Enchanted Hills Blvd. On June 1st, you may start returning your Sparklight modem to their equipment drop area anytime between 8:00am-1:00pm Tuesday-Friday. Please return modems by June 11, 2021. If the modem is not returned to Sparklight, you will be charged $100.00.

*If you would like to keep the service with Sparklight, you can set up an account directly with them by calling 505-892-5114.

For questions, please email: RPSSparklightinternet@sparklight.biz