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Welcome to the Office of Special Services

What is the Child Study Team?

The Ridgefield Park Child Study Team consists of School Psychologists, School Social Workers, and Learning Disabilities Teachers-Consultants. We also have a Behaviorist on staff and work with other related service providers such as Speech Therapists. The team's primary function is to identify and evaluate students who are experiencing learning, health and/or behavioral difficulties and to develop individualized programs to ensure each student receives an appropriate education in the least restrictive environment.

A designated member of the Child Study Team is assigned as a Case Manager to oversee all aspects of the Special Education Process. The Case Manager should be your point of contact for all Special Education-related questions and concerns.

What is the Referral and Special Education Process?

Students who are having difficulty in school should first be referred to the Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Team to find solutions to those difficulties. If the school-based, general education efforts do not resolve the difficulty, the I&RS Team may make a referral to the Child Study Team. Once a referral is made, the team will hold an Initial Planning Meeting with the student's parent/guardian(s), teacher(s), and any other relevant individuals to review the student's records, school performance, and concerns in order to determines if an evaluation is needed. If an evaluation is warranted, the parent/guardian must provide written consent. Following the evaluation, an Eligibility Conference is held and if the student is found eligible for Special Education and Related Services, an Individual Education Program (IEP) will be developed and implemented .The IEP is a legal document that contains information about the student's needs, placement, services, accommodations, modifications, and goals. It is updated annually to reflect the student's current needs and level of performance.

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