Suggested Implementation Timeline

The achievement of each initiate is described along a continuum of:

Awareness → Implementation → Continuation

The network of stakeholders leading the development of this Implementation Guide considered the continuum on a scale of 5 years, or a 2020 vision of Nevada. That said, based on the unique needs or processes for a given initiative, the Implementation aspect of the continuum may be further divided into phases. The phases indicate a logical sequence of shifts rather than a collective shift.

Recognizing the diverse needs and challenges throughout Nevada school districts and stakeholder organizations the implementation guide does not specifically reference deadlines for the continuum initiatives. Rather, the network of stakeholders collaborating to produce the NVACSS Implementation Guide saw value in stakeholder groups leveraging the regional and local work currently occurring to adjust the time for implementation based on need. For example, in several areas, large numbers of science educators have participated in Awareness and initial Implementation aspects of the continuum. While other educators in the same area have yet to reach Awareness. Further, the network of stakeholders recognize that there will be some initiatives that will require appropriate funding, material, and specific professional learning for STEM and science educators. Some of these opportunities will need to designed, funded, and developed to initiate the continuum shifts.