NVACSS Implementation Initiatives

Overview: The NVACSS Implementation is realized through 8 major initiatives. Each initiative section is divided into six components:

NVACSS Implementation Initiatives:

  1. Communications Initiative
  2. Statewide Capacity/Network Initiative
  3. Professional Learning Initiative
  4. Instructional Practices / Classroom Shifts Initiative
  5. Instructional Materials and Curriculum Initiative
  6. Assessment System Initiative
  7. Data Collection Initiative
  8. Policy Initiative

Initiative Components (6)

Communication Vision: In this component the vision or big picture of the initiative is described

Communication goals: In this component the goals of the initiative are described.

Action: In this component the action steps to achieve the goals are described.


An initial target starting place to support the initiative is described


As the initiative is in progress, the “implementation” section of the continuum describes several elements of implementation.


After an initiative has been implemented, “continuation” describes the central effect of the implementation.


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