Stakeholder Guides

This implementation guide was developed through significant collaborative partnerships among many entities, organizations, local education agencies, public and private agencies, community members, parents, and educators from all regions of Nevada. This implementation guide represents the vision and goals of the greater Nevada community. The inclusive and integrated systems approach to implementing the NVACSS will ensure the vision of A Framework for K-12 Science Education is coherent and articulated throughout Nevada for the next generation of Nevadans.

Education is a community endeavor and, as such, stakeholder involvement is vital. The role of each identified stakeholder group in contributing to the implementation of the NVACSS is vitally important to the success of the Implementation Guide. Stakeholder groups not specifically called out in the Implementation Guide also have a role to play, one of which is to review the initiatives for connections among their entity goals to highlight potential collaborative opportunities.

As you review the role of each stakeholder group via the links below, stakeholders should note instances for potential collaboration.

*Access all stakeholder commitments pages as one PDF via the embed below: