P3: Personal Passion Project

Our P3 (Personal Passion Project) program provides an opportunity for middle school students to engage in projects designed by them! Twice a week students have time in the schedule where they work with a teacher/ coach and an expert mentor on a project entirely chosen by the student.

Students have time to dive even more deeply into their chosen topic during a special week in January: Experience Week.

An important part of the P3 program is mentorship. Each student is paired with a mentor who they can consult with on their project. This could be a Roycemore alumnus, a fellow parent, an Upper School student, or another member of our amazing community. Students are expected to be in touch with their mentor via email about once a week. We also encourage video calls or in-person visits, if the mentor is local. All visitors to the school are run through our background checking software before working with any students.

We are working hard to secure mentors for each project, but could still use a few more! Are you interested in serving as an expert mentor for our P3 program? Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, or by clicking this link. We will contact you if one of our students chooses to pursue a project in your area of expertise.

Parents: If you have any questions about your child’s mentor, please feel free to email or call Mrs. Shutters anytime.

For more information about the P3 program, please contact Beth Shutters, Director of Curriculum and Innovation, at eshutters@roycemoreschool.org.

An 8th grader is creating new clothing from old jeans for a personal passion project!

Below are our guidelines and FAQ for those who are serving as P3 mentors.

Thank you mentors!!

P3 Mentor Guidelines/Responsibilities

Below are more pictures from our P3 work. Students worked to visually represent their projects in the form of a hot air balloon. Later, each student/group gave a "Shark Tank" style pitch to classmates about their project.


Students asked great questions of Terry Gdoutos, who is a postdoc in aerospace engineering and Roycemore alumnus. Skyping with Mr. Gdoutos helped students start thinking about which passion they would like to pursue for their own P3 project.

Below is a description of how students will be evaluated on their P3 work. You may notice that the rubric is tied to the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens; students will be learning about these habits in various places throughout the school year.

P3 Assessments & Rubric