Spicewood Counseling

VISION: The Spicewood Elementary Counseling program strives to build a caring, inclusive environment where children can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically.

MISSION: In line with the IB philosophy and pedagogy, the Spicewood Elementary Comprehensive Counseling Program is designed to support the education of the whole child. Through the guidance curriculum, responsive services, and individual planning, the counseling program strives to have all students meet their highest potential as learners, friends, and community members. Students are empowered to be problem-solvers, adept at conflict resolution, and advocates for themselves and others. By addressing the social and emotional needs of students, the program clears the path for students to learn at their best, and become healthy, productive, and engaged citizens.

COUNSELOR CONTACT: Molly Kentopp, MA, CSC, NCC Molly_Kentopp@roundrockisd.org (512) 428-3609