rules and guidelines

rules and guidelines

General Rules and Guidelines

  1. Go to a vendor, take a sticker from the counter display, clearly print your number for life on the sticker, place the sticker in the centre of the TOONIE and deposit into the box. If pre-paying for multiple weeks, refer to the pre-pay envelope and instructions thereon.

  2. All players must be 16 years or older

  3. The draws will be Wednesday at noon. Physical sales locations at vendors will close upon pickup between 9 AM and noon Tuesday.

  4. The draw is based on the number(s) for life. If your number is drawn, you have to have paid for that week to be a winner. The cost is $2 per week to play each number.

  5. Players can purchase multiple number(s) for life.

  6. Your number(s) for life is yours to play weekly. Retain your registration stub or record your number for life for weekly use. Number(s) for life will only be deactivated upon written request to Rotary Club of Windsor.

  7. If a number for life is drawn and that number was not played that week, the prize rolls over to the next week.

  8. In case of discrepancy, Rotary Club of Windsor's records are final.

  9. Names of vendors are on the website.

  10. Players agree to their names and likenesses being used in promotions and communications.

  11. Three people must be physically present during the draw.

  12. The winner has 90 days to claim the prize. If after 90 days the prize is unclaimed, a new draw must take place.

  13. The Rotary Club of Windsor reserves the right to make changes without notice, after approval from the Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division.

Pre-Pay Rules and Guidelines

  1. Pre-pays should be no less than $10.00 and in increments of $2.

  2. No coins please.

  3. The payment will be applied to the number for life provided on the pre-pay envelope if the number for life and the name do not match.