Funding Request Form

Funding Request Guidelines

The Rotary Club of Windsor, is committed to supporting community, educational, cultural, recreational and international activities that subscribed to Rotary ideals as expressed by the Rotary "Four Way Test". 

The Rotary Club of Windsor seeks a significant lasting impact with each contribution and to participate in projects and/or initiatives, which will give the Rotary Club of Windsor recognition to help further its community efforts.

The form below can be used to request funds from the Rotary Club of Windsor, NS

Eligibility Guidelines

The Rotary Club of Windsor retains discretion to respond favorably to requests that do not meet its guidelines and standards, and it also has full discretion to decline to act favorably on requests that meet the guidelines and standards.

Ineligibility Guidelines

Funding requests will not normally be approved from:

Funding Request Process Timeline

Those submitting a funding request should assume that it typically takes the Rotary Club of Windsor 60 days to process a request.