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Click on the image to the left to view the agenda for the next upcoming board meeting when it becomes available. To view the materials related to this meeting please click on the 2021-2022 meetings link above and look for the current meeting date.


This site is established to provide public access to Ross Valley Charter School Board Agendas and Materials

To find information about a specific meeting, please use the menu at the top of the site.

The Regular Meeting Schedule is listed under the Home menu.

Please note, there will be Special Meetings from time to time.

The Ross Valley Charter School Board adheres to the Brown Act: http://ag.ca.gov/publications/2003_Intro_BrownAct.pdf

Board Meeting Norms

1. Speak respectfully, avoiding blame and inflammatory language and raised voices.

2. Listen respectfully without interrupting.

3. Listen actively and try to understand others’ views.

4. Don’t roll your eyes, make faces or audibly react while someone is speaking.

5. Be concise when it is your turn to speak.

6. Assume others’ good intentions.

7. Keep on the topic under discussion.

8. Politely enforce ground rules.

9. Remember to mute cell phones.

Procedural Guidelines

1. Presentation by Staff, Officers or Guest Presenters

2. Board discussion, questions, clarifications

3. All Public Comment taken at once. Individuals will be limited to three minutes per speaker unless Board Chair determines that the number of speakers warrants a reduction to a lesser amount of time. The board or Officers will not respond during public comment time. Questions will be noted and answered as outlined in next bullet.

4. Board or officers attempt to answer questions regarding agendized items. Questions that seek information or clarifications will attempt to be answered. Questions that are deemed to violate meeting norms above or to be argumentative in nature will not be responded to.

5. Any remaining Board discussion, questions, clarifications, deliberation and motion and vote if appropriate