Uniform Guidance.pdf

New uniform

From September 2020 pupils in years 7 - 10 will be wearing the new style uniform.

Year 11 pupils will remain in their existing uniform unless they prefer to change.

Uniform Supplier

D W Stevenson Limited (01727 853262) https://www.stevensons.co.uk/Schools/the-romsey-school-romsey/67

Direct 4 Logos, Romsey Industrial Estate (01794 511550) www.direct4logos.com/

Financial Assistance for Uniforms - If you are receiving Free School Meals, a limited amount of financial assistance is available to help provide the essential clothing or footwear needed to attend school. Applications are considered at the beginning of year 7, 9 and 10 and forms are available from the school. If families have any difficulty in providing essential items of clothing or footwear for Physical Education, a limited amount of financial assistance may also be available. Please contact the school office for information about this either by phone or email: adminoffice@romsey.hants.sch.uk