Policy Information

Policies and Procedures Required by Law

Admission Policy 2022 - 2023

The admissions policy for 2022-23 has been approved by the Governing Body on 9th December 2020. Please see the signed policy below.


Admissions & Appeals

Appeal Procedure

  • Note: - Please see below our appeals time-table should you be unsuccessful in obtaining a place for your child and still wish for them to attend.

Mrs Eagle - Headteacher

Governors Executive Committee

(Includes policies for Accessibility, Complaints, Data Protection, Equality, and GMAT Accountability)

Student Outcomes & Achievement Committee

(Includes policies for Assessment, Home Learning, CEIAG, CWRE, Worship, Inclusion, Exams and PDL)

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare Committee

(includes policies for bullying, attendance, behaviour, first aid, exclusions, Illegal substances, mobile phone, safeguarding, food and medical conditions.)

Teaching Learning and Assessment Committee

(includes policies for Confidentiality, Equality, Leave, Lone Workers, Network & Internet Access)

Finance and Audit, Resources and Outreach Committee

(Includes policies for Anti Fraud, CCTV, Charging, Debt Recovery, Fixed Assets and depreciation)