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Welcome to the Autism Resourced Provision at Romsey School. It is affectionately known as the Base as it is a home-from-home for autistic pupils who need support to attend mainstream school. Timetables are tailored to individual needs. We support pupils with daily school life and , activities and trips. If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Miss Becky Davis

Resource Manager

Ofsted 2017

" Pupils who attend the schools specialist resource base make very good progress from their starting points, particularly in mathmatics. This is because the work of teachers and teaching assistants is effective in meeting the needs of these pupils.

Year 10 pupil

Having the Base at Romsey School is great because I get supported in lessons, finish homework at school, have somewhere to be at lunch and break and am able to play football after school.”

About us

The Autism Resourced Provision was established at Romsey School in September 2002 to provide high quality teaching and support for autistic pupils. We recognize that our pupils have a wide range of different individual needs and we support them according to those needs.

The Resource has a suite of rooms known as The Base. The Base is used to support learning, as well as being somewhere pupils can return to if they are feeling anxious or stressed and a safe haven at lunch and break times.

The Base comprises a suite of rooms on the ground floor of South Block. It consists of a large working room. The main room is divided into three clear zones: a working area, individual computer work areas and social/relaxation areas.

The kitchen area is used for cooking and life skills lessons. We also have two small separate rooms which are used as a quiet rooms and for 1:1 work. There are toilets and a shower room/changing room next to the main room.

We are located at the heart of the school and share South Block with the Learning Support Department.

Meet the team

The Resource team is made up of approx the full time equivalent of 9 LSAs.

Miss R Davis

Resource Manager

Address: ASD Resource, The Romsey School,

Greatbridge Romsey, Hants SO51 8ZB

Telephone: 01794 512334


Mrs A Barnard

Second in command


Mrs H Lindsey

Senior LSA


Mrs C Turner

Senior LSA

Year 9 Keyworker


Miss K Coticchiato


Year 10 Keyworker


Mrs N Stanley


Year 10 Keyworker


Miss D Moody


Year 11 Keyworker


Mrs E Davies


Year 10 Keyworker


Mrs G Miller-Rowe


Year 10 Keyworker


Mr J Nickerson


Year 8 Keyworker


Miss Rachel Knight


Year 8 Keyworker


Miss N Lee


Year 8 Keyworker


Miss M Squires


Year 8 Keyworker


Mrs H Nunn


Mrs C Elliot

Speech and Language Therapist

Mrs R Knights


Year 7 Keyworker


Mr T Holbrook


Year 8 Keyworker


Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for pupils to apply for a place in the base?

Pupils must have an EHCP and a diagnosis of autism/social and communication difficulty.

How do we apply for a place in the Base?

All placements are decided through Hampshire County Council and must be requested through them.

Is the Base a teaching resource?

Pupils are not taught in the resource. Pupils are taught in mainstream lessons. They may be withdrawn for 1:1 tuition or therapy.

Will my child have 1:1 support?

We can not provide 1:1 support in all lessons. We facilitate as much support as we possibly can for each individual pupil.

Is the Base open at break and lunchtimes?

We are open at break and lunch for pupils to use. They are also able to eat their lunch within the base. We have staff on duty who are available for pupils who wish to stay in the base.

How many places are available in the base?

Our Assigned Placement Number number is 12. The places available depend on the current year 11s leaving. eg, if 2 year 11s leave then we have 2 spaces available in September.

Important information for all prospective parents when considering requesting placement

Pupils allocated a place in the Autism Resource Base by Hampshire LA must have an EHCP where Autism and social communication difficulty is their priority need. Places are limited . The resource is always over subscribed .

The resourced provision at Romsey School is a mainstream provision. There is an expectation that all pupils will attend mainstream lessons along with their peers .

As such they will be taught by mainstream teachers with subject specific expertise . Class sizes can be up to 30 pupils.

All teachers at Romsey School receive training on understanding Autism.

Each pupil joins a Tutor Group and attends registration.

All pupils within the Resource complete homework . This is usually completed at school , under the guidance of support staff .

When attending some mainstream lessons pupils will receive support from LSA's employed by the Resource.

We do not have the resources to offer full time support to any pupil. There should be no expectation that a pupil will be supported 1:1 every day.

Pupils are supported by a variety of LSA’s .

Long term our hope is that pupils will require less support as they reach KS4 . This creates a smoother transition , and greater independence to college ,and the 16+ environment .

Staff liaise with primary schools and sixth form colleges to ensure successful transitions.

Many aspects of pupils development in the Resource are monitored VERY closely . The monitoring covers their social and communication skills, their academic progress, their emotional well being and Autism Curriculum.

Relationships with peers during break and lunchtimes is encouraged and observed.

Pupils may access the resource at break and lunchtimes to eat their food and chat to their peers.

The resource has its own toilet /shower facilities.

Pupils have access to a specialist Occupational Therapist and a specialist Speech and Language therapist.

Communication between the resource and parents /guardians is encouraged . This is by e mail and /or phone.

Staff within the Resource are trained and skilled in understanding Autism and the difficulties this may cause for adolescent life. The adults are positive role models for the pupils.

COVID update for all parents

Covid 19 has created unprecedented territory for parents, pupils and staff.

We are all committed to encourage pupils back to school , following government guidelines .

It will be challenging for our Resource Provision ‘family ‘ and , of course, anxiety levels will be high .

Please trust us to support your boys through these difficult times .

We will ensure you are fully informed every step of the way .

The right and safe place for all children to be is in school.


COVID update video for Romsey Resource pupils

Book a visit

We do encourage parents of children year 5 on wards and chat with a member of staff to gather more information about the base before you make you decision for a placement request.

If you would like to arrange a visit then please email or ring 01794 512334 and request to speak to Amanda Barnard. Please understand that we can not book appointments for the week that you ring up, we will need as much notice as possible.

Important notice : Please note that currently we are unable to accommodate visits to the base due too COVID. However we can offer a phone call with our ASD manager or second in department. Please see details above to book this in.

Please see our virtual tour with Miss Davis below.

Base Tour

Virtual tour with Miss Davis