RHS Video Production


This is an informational site for students, parents, industry partners, the community, and anyone else looking to see what our courses are all about.

For current students enrolled in any of these courses please use your Schoology account to log into the class you are taking. All of what we will be doing will be on our Schoology page making this a "Blended Learning course"; essentially a class that lives both online and in person.

The advantage to this system is that students can learn when and where they wish. During class, students are frequently collaborating on various projects and working on different skills. They can access the online course materials when they have free time in class, or they can access the online course materials at any other time and in any other place outside of class, as long as they have internet access. This system allows students the ultimate flexibility in controlling their learning. It also frees up class time to allow students to pursue their varied needs instead of being forced into a one-size-fits-all lesson plan.

The disadvantage to this system is that students need to be independent learners. They will need to establish and maintain their own schedules and deadlines for the completion of work, rather than being told exactly what to do all the time. In this way, the course is preparing students for the transition from high school to college and careers which require much more independence and personal responsibility.

Student podcasts Student created "Film Noir" short film Student created weekly News "We Are Rocklin" show