RHS Video Production


The purpose of this pathway is to provide a project-based program, which guides students to achieve the standards in the visual arts and career technical training, by providing students with the technical instruction and practical experiences for aspiring video and film makers in the production of film, video, and new media projects for business and entertainment. Students experience both the creative and technical aspects of filmmaking in conjunction with learning about historical and contemporary traditions and conventions.Students are instructed on the three stages of project creation. In pre-production, students learn the basic principles of story development, screenplay writing, storyboarding, scheduling and budget planning. Instruction in the production stage includes basic visual composition, color theory, set up and operation of camera, sound, and lighting equipment. Students learn to use cutting-edge software applications for video and audio post-production.

Mastering and delivery methods, in both traditional and new media, are explored.This pathway also includes the basics of job shadowing, internships, and job placement. The competencies in this course are aligned with the California High School Academic Content Standards and the California Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards. Experiences from the pathway will lead to a personal appreciation of video production, and a heightened understanding of career opportunities in art and arts-related fields.

This pathway covers the history and development of the cinema, documentaries, and other new media and film technologies. Students learn skills and practices in various aspects of cinema and video production by applying the elements of art, principles of design, integration of technology for the effective visual communication of their ideas, feelings, and values. Students develop skills, including camera/recording operation, framing and composition, manipulations of space and time, idea development and communication, the mechanics of editing, script writing or text creation, light and sound.

Student podcasts Student created "Film Noir" short film Student created weekly News "We Are Rocklin" show