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Robotarians will Host Practice Event

The Robotarians will be hosting a practice event for local teams on Saturday February 24th, 2024. Many teams don’t have the space, time, or resources to build a full scale practice field to test their robot on, so we offer them our own practice field. Our field is built to the exact dimensions of the fields we will be playing on, so this is an excellent opportunity for teams to see how their robot responds to the field before competition day. We offer the teams pizza, drinks, and input from our experienced mentors. 

2024 Season Kickoff

Team 2959 is excited to start the new season, and create a new robot. We have just attended the 2024 kickoff at Lake Michigan College Mendel Center. Several teams arrived with great anticipation of the 2024 Crescendo kickoff, and we learned what the new 2024 game would look like. We split into three different break out groups to help teams understand robot inspections, presentation skills, and workforce opportunities as well. This year, we are going to be shooting foam rings called notes into a chute, named a speaker, that is about five feet off the ground. We will also be working together with other teams to climb a chain and deposit a note into a box, named the trap, while climbing. After the kickoff, we returned to our team’s workspace, at Ausco Products, to begin brainstorming.

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