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On September 10th, our team competed in the Goonettes All-Girls Event, hosted by Team 3604, Goon Squad. It was an off-season competition, similar to a scrimmage for sports teams, where the four people on the drive team all had to be women. During competitions, it is the drive team’s responsibility to drive the robot on the field, coordinate our strategy with that of other teams, and fix and troubleshoot the robot.

News of Fall, 2023

During early September, our team organized a cleanup of an invasive plant, Spotted Knapweed, at Tiscornia Beach. Spotted Knapweed is native to Central Europe and Northern Asia. It grows in fields and open areas with poor soil quality and is poisonous to other native plants. You can often find it growing on the side of roads or trails or in clearings. At Tiscornia Beach it was choking out native dune grass in certain areas, so we pulled on our work gloves and got 14 trash bags of the plant. 

News of Summer, 2023

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