Fractions and Decimals

There is a great deal of emphasis put on helping students develop number sense within Bridges Math, the math curriculum used in grades K-5 at Neshobe. This is a powerful way to set students up for success in higher levels of math as they get older. At the same time, it can leave some adults scratching their heads and wondering why students aren't just memorizing math facts, learning to "carry the one" and moving on!

This link to Bridges Math includes information for parents about how children are being taught different math skills and concepts. Looking at what is being taught at your child's grade level can go a long way toward both learning from your child and helping with difficult math ideas.

There are links to many interactive fraction and decimal games on the Bridges website. Below are a few of my recommendations based on their links. They span the range from grades 4-6 and with several you may have to help your child select the appropriate level of challenge. Structuring your child's screen time around math games can be a useful tool for limiting screen time and also knowing the content of what games they are playing.