Foundational Math Skills and Concepts

Kindergarten and Grade 1

One of the easiest ways to help our youngest children build their math skills is to help them see that numbers and math are everywhere around them. This means everything from counting out loud the number of telephone poles going by in the car to reading books together that explore numbers.

The government of New Zealand has an excellent collection of suggested ways to increase numeracy through activities at home. You can find those suggestions here.

Bridges Math, the math curriculum used in grades K-5 at Neshobe, has compiled a list of resources for parents. This includes information about what children are learning in the math classroom at different points during the year, as well as links to on-line, interactive games focused on specific skills and concepts. The resources page of the Bridges Math site can be here. I recommend the exploring the games listed under Kindergarten Counting Games. These games address many foundational ideas, including number recognition, sequencing and counting.