Counselor in Training

What is a Counselor in Training?

A Counselor in Training, or CIT, is a camper that has gone through the RAW Leaders week and would like to do more to help out with RAW Camp.

CITs will be eligible to attend RAW Camps with younger age groups such as Young Warriors, where they will assist staff with implementing programs.

Who will be approved for the CIT Program?

A CIT Application will be filled out by the camper, which will include subjective questions such as:

  • Why do they want to be a CIT?
  • What would they like to learn from being a CIT?
  • When have they demonstrated responsibility in their lives?
  • What does being a leader mean to them?
  • When have they demonstrated leadership in their lives?

Who will determine selection?

  • Board Members
  • Camp Staff
  • Executive Director

What weeks will CITs be eligible to sign up and assist?

  • Young Warriors
  • Eco Warriors
  • Young Adventure

How many CITs will be selected?

  • Up to 4 CITs will be selected per camp, preferably 2 male and 2 female.

What will the registration cost of each CIT week be per camper?

  • CITs will be eligible to register for younger age group camps at $100 per week. Please note that for Young Adventure Camp, they will not be eligible to go on the Young Adventure trips.
  • Please understand that considering the discounted rate for a CIT, any CIT that does not fulfill their responsibilities may be asked not to return to camp the next day, and their tuition will be refunded for the remaining days of the week at $20 per day.

Are CITs still campers?

  • As minors on camp, CITs are still campers, despite the added responsibility. They will never be left alone to look after a group of campers, and will still require supervision of staff at all times. CITs may want to join programs that younger campers are engaging in, and will be welcome to do so at the discretion of the staff.

How do I register my child for additional weeks of camp as a CIT?

  • After candidates are selected, the Executive Director will contact parents directly to determine which weeks they would like to see their child CIT for. After dates are finalized, the Executive Director will personally register CITs and send an updated invoice reflecting the registration and CIT discount.

If there are any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Interim Executive Director at To have your child apply to the Counselor in Training Program, please click the “Apply to be a CIT” link below.