Riga Analytical Lab utilizes a combination of analytical techniques to provide comprehensive and conclusive evidence of failure mechanisms on semiconductor devices and other electronic components.

Electrical and Metallurgical Failure Analysis

The laboratory performs electrical and structural analyses on a variety of devices with the objective of relating electrical malfunctions to physical imperfections.

We utilize a Focused Ion Beam (FIB) system not only for circuit modification but also as a tool to troubleshoot electrically the device in conjunction with light emission, hot spot detection, voltage contrast, EBIC and OBIC techniques.

For analysis of relatively simple devices, we apply selective wet and dry etching and for more complex devices we combine sequential stripback with parallel lapping processes.

We integrate metallographic techniques with probing and/or passive voltage contrast to monitor the electrical performance of a particular structure in order to identify and document a damage or defect.

Structure Characterizations

The laboratory performs cross sections on a wide range of devices including semiconductor and photonic packages, optical fibers, complex printed circuit boards, and a variety of MEMS.

We perform geometric and material characterizations by providing detailed photographic documentation so that any micron or submicron structure can be reconstructed in three dimensions. This process is complemented with specific material analyses to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the structure.

Material Analysis

We analyze the materials utilized in the semiconductor industry with the objective of identifying elements and characterizing structures that influence the performance of the device and fabrication yield.

These analyses include but are not limited to silicon crystallographic imperfections, surface and interface contamination, solder bump structures, etc.


The FIB system is utilized routinely to evaluate new layout modifications prior to the implementation of the change in the fabrication process, to correct layout problems, and to place strategic test pads or windows that facilitate the analytical troubleshooting of the circuits.

We can perform a limited number of MIL-STD certifications.

We have participated in a number of court cases providing expert witness testimony based on our analytical findings.