Riga Analytical Lab is an independent laboratory offering confidential analytical services to the semiconductor and electronic industries. The lab is situated strategically in the heart of Silicon Valley, about 5 miles north of the San Jose International Airport, and about 30 miles south of the San Francisco International Airport.

Riga Analytical Lab was founded in 1982 by Giorgio Riga with the purpose of providing specialized analytical services to the semiconductor industry. In the intervening years, the laboratory has expanded its analytical service capability to include fiber optic components, MEMS, hybrid modules, flat panel displays, magnetic media, and printed circuit boards.

Our staff is comprised of industry experts with backgrounds encompassing electronics, materials engineering, physics, semiconductor development, and manufacturing, having extensive experience in semiconductor failure analysis and structure characterization.

We pride ourselves on our consistent, high quality service. The staff at Riga Analytical Lab frequently works with the client to develop new and unique analytical techniques when situations require a non-standard approach. Our clients receive a comprehensive report, often accompanied by expert personal explanations, recommendations, and comments.

Riga Analytical Lab is an independent laboratory with no association or affiliation with any company, organization, manufacturer, vendor, or supplier of electronic devices or equipment. All services provided by Riga Analytical Lab as well as all information related to the client are treated as proprietary and strictly confidential. Internal security procedures, including coding of all projects and separate locked facilities for documentation, are strictly enforced to ensure the highest level of client confidentiality.