RHAM High School

Educational Opportunities Handbook


Use the navigation menu at the top of page or below this introduction to help guide you through the handbook. The Course Descriptions page offers an overview of icons to help designate different course credit categories.  Use the  RHAM Credit Check document, also located on the Graduation Requirements page, to help you visualize what credits you have completed and what credits you still need in order to graduate.  You can make a copy of the document in order to fill in the categories as you complete your courses.  Although we hope this document is helpful it does not replace the knowledge and/or experience of your school counselor.  Please reach out to your school counselor with any questions or to verify your credits.

This handbook will help to guide you as you make decisions regarding your studies at RHAM High School.  As you read through the handbook, you should be thinking of possible career choices as well as your education beyond high school.  To help in your decisions, a wide variety of Career Pathway flow charts are embedded on the Career Planning page as you consider the many and diverse courses offered at RHAM High School.

We are offering many new courses this year:

All students must complete a Showcase Portfolio during their senior year.  Students will be awarded one credit upon successful completion of the Showcase Portfolio.

In addition to planning your course schedule, make sure to consider participating in one or more of our many co-curricular activities.  Our athletic programs and clubs provide you with multiple opportunities to focus on areas of interest and explore new areas.

Your four years in high school will pass by very quickly.  Careful planning will allow you to make the most of your high school years.  Please make sure that you consult with your school counselor, your teachers, and your parents/guardians if you have any questions about the planning process.


Dr. Penny Bryzgel, Principal

Christopher Mader, Assistant Principal and Bethany Pomerantz, Assistant Principal


District Mission

Regional School District #8, in partnership with its families and community, provides a safe and supportive environment that encourages all students to participate actively in their learning, to achieve their full potential and to be positive contributors to society.

District Vision

To engage students in rigorous and challenging education that provides multiple pathways to college and career readiness.

Core Values and Beliefs

In collaboration with students, staff, families, and community, RHAM provides a rigorous, comprehensive education in a safe and respectful environment to prepare students to be actively engaged in the world.  To this end, RHAM offers diverse instruction promoting student-centered growth and individual development.


Critical Thinking