Medication Administration

State Laws govern the administration of medicine (prescription and non-prescription) in schools.

Medication forms are available in our school nurse offices, doctor’s offices and on our website.

If your student requires a medication to be given during school hours, a current Authorization for the Administration of Medication by School Personnel (MAR) form is required to be on file in the nurse’s office. This also applies to medication that is self carry or self administer such as an Epipen, Benadryl and Inhaler. Each medication requires a separate form.

Authorization for the Administration of Medicine at School form

There are 3 sections that need to be filled out on the MAR:

The TOP: Authorized Prescriber’s Order - to be filled out and signed by the prescriber.

The MIDDLE: Parent/Guardian Authorization - boxes to be checked and parent/guardian signature and information to be filled out.

The BOTTOM: Self Administration of Medication Authorization/Approval - to be filled out and signed by physician and parent/guardian.

Please return these forms to the nurse’s office along with the medication. The pharmacy label must state the patient’s name, physician’s name, name and strength of the medicine, directions for administering, and date of original prescription.

Please remember that only parents may transport medications to school. No more than a three month supply of medication may be kept in the health office. Please check the expiration date of the medication prior to bringing it to school. At the end of the school year, the parent must pick up medications or the school nurse will dispose of them in accordance with Sec 10-212a-5-I4i of the Connecticut General Statutes.