REACH School

Bucksport, Maine

Since 1987

The REACH School is a non-profit alternative program serving  students in grades 7-12 in communities in the midcoast area of Maine surrounding Bucksport.  

REACH School, Inc. is:

1. A private non-profit alternative middle/high school  program designed to meet the needs of those students who require an alternative setting to find success

2.  A school where all students who graduate receive a Bucksport High School diploma. 

3.  A school where all students may participate in any and all extracurricular Bucksport High School programs.

4.  A school where all students are expected to take responsibility for their education, social and emotional growth, and progress towards their goals.

5.  A school that accepts and encourages individuality. 

6.  A school that fosters cooperation between students, family, school, and the community.

Factors that have been identified as important to the success of REACH School.

1.  Autonomy - REACH is privately run by a board of directors in collaboration with the local schools.

2.  Physical location - REACH is located away from Bucksport Schools allowing for a separate identity.

3Dedicated/talented staff - Staff are here because they enjoy working with students and want to help them succeed.

4Respect - Respect is expected and given in all relationships between teachers, students, parents, and the community.

5Community service - We believe people can not grow without giving of themselves.  

6  Faith - The local school department and community believe in our mission.

7Desire to attend - No one is sent to REACH. Students choose to attend.