Smile Sheets

aka Evaluation Comments

Coaching Survey Results


Describe Your Expectations:

-My expectations were to grow as a leader, both professionally and personally. One thing I really wanted was a neutral expert help me with my "blind spots". Ray did a great job with this.

- Ray clearly communicated his syllabus for the coaching sessions, and he delivered as promised. I completed the series armed with several new leadership/personality assessments, and with tips and lessons gleaned from readings Ray recommended. I expected a period of self-examination that would ultimately prepare me for new responsibilities, and I believe that's what I got.

Describe how you prepared for your coaching sessions:

- Before each session, I would review my notes from the previous session and would complete “homework” assignments (complete 360 evaluations, read articles, read books, etc). Occasionally, Ray recommended leadership or communication tactics that I would use during the weeks between sessions and would share the results with Ray.

What tools/materials used by Ray during the coaching process did you find most beneficial?

- Although I had completed the Myers-Briggs before, Ray's in depth discussion about my particular type as well as other types was useful (e.g., it made me stop and think about the other persons type and how it might affect their work style and behavior). He also gave me a good book Type Talk at Work to read on the subject.

- The 360 review took me to a new level of professional development by opening the door for candid discussions between me and Ray. I received tips on improving communication and how to get the most out of my team. We talked about how others perceive my leadership style and ways that I can improve.

What value did you gain from your coaching sessions with Ray Snyder?

-The tools and subsequent discussions were beneficial because they made me examine my behaviors honestly. At work, we are often so busy getting our jobs done that we don't necessarily stop to think about how we get it done. In other words, I may focus on the end result for a particular task/project and forget to consider the impact on the individual employees or other groups.

- The opportunity to openly discuss important and confidential issues for the purposes of receiving genuine assistance without judgment. The ability to trust his help.

- I think the one-on-one opportunity was one of the best development experiences I have had at any point in my work career. Rather than dealing with “average” situations and assessments that might occasionally have direct relevance to me, Ray's individual coaching gave me direct feedback on current situations and leadership assessment and development.

How have you applied insights you gained from the coaching experience?

- I have become a much better listener after coaching sessions with Ray. I started using effective listening tactics immediately after a coaching session and saw positive results. My meetings are more effective because I've learned ways to engage everyone and maintain open discussions.

- I am more conscious of what I say and how I say it. I am trying to be a more intentional listener and then to use feedback to direct future group discussions and action plans.

Final Comments:

- I think coaching is a great tool to get people out of their personal envelope and help them think about how they can be more effective.

- Ray's personality is one that makes him an excellent choice for coaching. He is outgoing, sincerely interested in the participant and in helping the participant both personally and professionally. Ray is very adaptable and tailors the process to help accomplish your specific goals or focus on the areas you determine are important to you in your job. Ray is very pragmatic and experienced. He also helps balance the work – personal life relationship. Not many company sponsored programs do this.

- I think Ray's style is personal and open, and I have to believe he can connect with a number of different personality types. He is non-judgmental and genuinely interested in developing us to be better leaders.

- The coaching was especially helpful to me because it coincided with my promotion and significant change in areas of responsibility. Ray helped me consider a lot of organizational and relationship issues rather than focusing solely on the technical or business issues at hand.

- Thank you for the opportunity to work with Ray. I found it to be a great way to take what we learned through the training sessions and make it directly relevant to my individual situation as a leader and an employee.