The mission of Exhortations, Inc. is to exhort leaders to multiply success into significance. To achieve that end, we encourage, earnestly advise, and urge leaders to take action. We offer warnings against poor leadership practices; teach sound leadership principles; and offer wise counsel to those exercising leadership skills. Exhortation is not a common 21st century word. However, it aptly describes the business that we are about.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary an exhortation is “a speech or discourse that encourages, incites, or earnestly advises.” Exhortation is a noun. An exhortation is a communication intended to urge or persuade the recipient to take some action.

Synonyms for exhortation are urging, warning, advice, counsel, lecture, caution, bidding, encouragement, and persuasion.

The palmetto tree embedded in the company name was carefully selected to represent Exhortations, Inc. A South Carolina-based company, we strive to live up to the rich heritage of the palmetto tree. The flexibility of the trunk of the Sabal Palmetto, along with its strong root system, enables it to withstand the fierce winds that often batter the SC coastline.

Logs from the palmetto tree were used to construct Fort Moultrie, which is situated at the entrance to the Charleston Harbor. During the American Revolutionary War, British warships fired repeatedly on Fort Moultrie but the palmetto logs did not shatter. Instead, cannonballs simply sank into the soft, but tough, palmetto wood.

At Exhortations, Inc. we exhort leaders to multiply success into significance. We mentor individuals who have already demonstrated leadership capabilities. We encourage men and women to have strong roots, to stand tall, and remain flexible – soft but tough. Knowing that leaders stand in front and shoulder the burden of responsibility, we teach skills that prepare them to withstand the storms that each of them will face.

Tucked into the center of a palmetto tree is a cross. Central to business practices of Exhortations, Inc. are Christian values.