Year 2 

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The page will be regularly updated, so please do check this out. The page will contain any announcements or messages from us, what we are learning, copy of the spellings sent out and some great reads.


Dear Parents/Carers,

After Easter we will be creating an embroidered design for a hunter and gatherer's bag linked to our learning in History about The Stone Age. Please can your child bring a in plain, canvas bag that you are happy for them to stitch their design onto. You may be able to find these in the following places: The Works, The Range, Amazon, E Bay, Hobbycraft, Baker Ross (online).

We will also need some parent/carer helpers for sewing in class on Tuesday 23rd May from 9 and 11am. If you are able to help please see the class teacher or send a separate email for the attention of the class teacher to let us know.

Kind regards,

The Year 2 Team.


You should have received my email about the End Of Key Stage 1 assessments. These still remain to be statutory assessments, meaning we have to expose the children to the booklets as directed by the DfE. However our teacher assessment judgements outweigh those of the SATS and these will be reported to you at the end of the year. We will do all the groundwork and neccesary preparation at school. We will have procedures in place for any children that may need extra support (e.g extra time, a different environment, answers scribed by a teacher, questions read out loud) in order to complete their SATS. Please remember that if a child is finding the booklet too difficult, the class teacher will know this and can stop the booklet when they feel appropriate. 

Meet the Year 2 Team:


Miss Camacho


Miss G


Mrs Stavrou


Miss Sellam

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Key Dates 

PE Days

2SS & 2SG Tuesday & Thursday

2LS & 2CC Wednesday & Thursday

These lessons will be outdoors, so ensure your child has a kit that is suitable for the warmer weather too.

The Raglan PE uniform is:

There is no requirement for a Raglan PE T-Shirt with the logo .

Please be aware of the weather on your child’s PE Day.