Wire balustrade components made in Australia at our St Mary's N.S.W plant. All of the Wood Screw & Steel Post Spigots are manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel to ensure quality. Quickrail's wood screw spigots are designed engineered and certified in Australia. They are patented to us under : AUSTRALIAN PATENT # 2004235679 and Have been designed to meet Australian Building Code Regulations when applied with our Stainless Cabling Kits.

Stainless Steel Wire balustrade assembly

Wire Balustrade Stainless Steel Cabling Assemblies :

Wire Balustrade Swage stud terminals are Hydraulically pressed to Stainless Cables in our workshop. This process creates a completed Stainless Steel Cable assembly.

Using either of the Spigot Types you can fix your cabling kit to any combination of materials at your site.

Wire Balustrade wood screw spigot

Wire Balustrade Wood Screw Spigot Available sizes and applications.

32mm W.S.S For Hardwood Posts

38mm W.S.S For Concrete Brick & Masonary

45mm W.S.S For Softwood Posts

50mm W.S.S For screwing through to stud walls.

Wire balustrade steel post spigot

Wire Balustrade steel post spigot

Wire Balustrade Metal Post Spigot Available sizes and applications.

  • 32mm S.P.S For Hollow Steel Posts / Rails & Flat Bar

Wire Balustrade Intermediate post Grommets

Designed to stop water and debris from entering the post hole that the cable passes through.

Beveled Washer. Beveled Washers are used in conjunction with the Steel Post Spigot when a Cabling Kit is applied on an angle. Staircases are an example. These are cut to your required angle.

3 Piece Spanner Set. Used to tension Spigots to cable end Swage Studs and locking Swage Stud nut to Spigot for final Tamper Proofing.

Twin Cut Counter Bore Bit. Used to drill Wood Screw Pilot hole and countersink profile for Wood Screw Spigots all in one step.

Phillips Spigot Drive Bit. Used to drive Wood Screw Spigot into material. Specifically sized for our Wood Screw Spigots to reduce slippage.


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