Our Localised Curriculum

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What does Pyes Pā School Curriculum look like?

We are proud to create our school curriculum that is concise, current and comprehensive. Our localised curriculum is a file that is a ‘live working document’, available to all staff and clearly explains our localised curriculum, how it is implemented and our curriculum strategic priorities.

Localised Curriculum

Our localised curriculum document is a result of a consultative process with staff, students, whānau and iwi and hapū. It will be a continually revolving resource to meet the needs of our learners.

From this comprehensive document, as well as stating our school vision and values and highlighting how the key competencies and NZC principles are explicit in our school, we have included statements about effective pedagogy, assessment for learning and our curriculum implementation contextualised to enhance the learning of our students.

Below are a few highlights of our most recent journey:

  • interview with Ngāti Ranginui iwi regarding our school production, Mana Whenua o Pyes Pā

  • feedback from our Mana Whenua production

  • video footage of Mana Whenua production highlights

  • published article in 2020 Term 3 LeadershipEd magazine

Mana Whenua o Pyes Pā

The Y4-8 Teachers embarked on a journey this year to mobilise Pyes Pā localised curriculum into a school production for their students. Named Mana Whenua, this original production was crafted to be a deliberate learning experience for everyone. The production depicted Te Pūrākau o Taurikura (story of Taurikura) and Te Hītori o Te Weranga (history of Te Weranga) [known as the scorched earth policy] where the students became the teachers, educating staff, students, and the community.

We were fortunate to write our own script and would like to acknowledge our local hapū who have also contributed and provided their blessing for our production. Specifically for Te Pūrakau of Taurikura: this story has been shared by a few of the tūpuna (ancestors) of Tauranga Moana, and have been shared for the present generation, for the young, and the not so young, who have not had the opportunity to hear them as they grew up in the district. For Te Hītori o Te Weranga: we would like to acknowledge those from Akeake Marae who were valuable sources of knowledge and supported us in our journey to create these valuable learning experiences, creating a Turangawaewae (a place we stand) for our students and community; specifically sincere thanks to Matua Kuni Williams, Whaea Awhina Nuku and Matua Grant Rānui from Akeake Marae.

The school is very proud of the students' accomplishments and we would like to thank all the staff of Pyes Pā School and those from our community who were involved as it was truly a team effort! If you were unable to see the production further information and a video of highlights can be found on our school website.

#Ngāti Ranginui Iwi interview.MP4