Ms. Deck's 2023-24

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Welcome students, Parents & Teachers!

Welcome to the hub of Ms. Deck's digital classroom spaces.  

Here, students can log into their class pages and easily access assignment information.  

My goal is to help students stay organized and motivated to get as many assignments complete - on time and to the best of their individual abilities - for the highest grade possible!  

I also want to help everyone make sense of the outcomes we are going to be beginning, approaching, or meeting independently or with one-on-one support during our lessons.

We got this!

Ms. Deck  

PLEASE NOTE:  This website is in PRODUCTION.  The last update on these drafts was Oct. 12/23.  

Thank you for your encouragement and patience with this extra-curricular professional development project.  I love making this, but often run out of free time.  Enjoy! 

MY Semester One Classes - Fall 2023

All Students Please Read - Expectations and Procedures for 2023 - 2024 Assignments

All assignments (unless otherwise stated) may be submitted as a written, oral, or video recording.

The following website is a great tool for this option:


Be honest: Complete your work independently, cite your sources, and use your own words/images.

Pace yourself: Create a plan for completing the course and follow it.

Participate: Access your course and engage in the content regularly.

Be Prepared: Ensure you have all the materials you need and a suitable space in which to learn.

Communicate: Engage in respectful and regular communication with others.


Being an effective communicator is important for everyone, especially for an online student. When you email me, please use proper email etiquette when writing and sending emails:

***Also, you are welcome to call me when you think a conversation would be preferable to email.

Thank you,

Ms. Deck

1-306-675-2112 @ Kelliher School, PVSD


The 2023-2024 School Year:  

Art Club Membership: is FREE, but additional fees for (optional) individual project supplies may come up during the year of activities (ie.  field trips/art kits/special projects).

Tues/Thursday - Open Art Room.  Join us over the noon hour to watch a movie, listen to music or work on your independent arts education projects... as you eat your lunch.

Fundraising:  Sarcan Ituna will gladly accept all "Drop and Go" recyclables on our behalf.  Please let us know if you can help fundraise in this way this year.  Volunteers needed!

Student Art Gallery:  Volunteers needed to curate our red wall of fame.  Book Your Class Space in our shared Wall of Fame/Student Gallery NOW.

2023-24 Arts Club Fundraising Totals!

We owe a big dept of gratitude to Mr. Wayne for helping Ms. Deck collect recycling for Arts Club projects and prizes this year.  

Mr. Wayne collects and cleans our recycling before he dropped it off at Sarcan.  Mrs. A. collects the money in the office and deposits it into our savings account.  Teamwork!  We have not yet decided what to spend the money on yet, but are saving for a field trip!