What is the EdTech Digital Tools Grant Program?

Take this opportunity to empower your students by leveraging innovative educational technology tools. Students will learn math, collaboration skills, critical thinking, science, and reading while engaging with 3D printers, coding kits, videography or virtual reality.

When are the deadlines for applying?

Three deadlines and notification periods for this grant will be spread out throughout the school year. Deadlines are in bold text below.

September 10, you will be notified by October 1

December 2, you will be notified by December 17

February 10, you will be notified by March 2

How do I know what digital tools to consider?

Check out the digital tools catalog for ideas, curriculum and help resources curated by your colleagues in PSD.

How will grant applications be scored?

Grants will be scored using this rubric by a committee of teachers and IT staff members.

EdTech Digital Tools Grant Application 2019-2020

If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Murray, Professional Learning Coordinator.