January 29 | February 26 | April 1

The EdTech Leadership cohort is a self-selected group of PSD staff members who present new tech tools and philosophies and engage in two-way conversations with our IT management teams. Licensed staff are compensated at a rate of $19/hr and classified at their hourly rate for participating. Course #17208 | 6 credit hours | from 4:30-6:30

Jan 29, 2020

EdTech Leadership Cohort Meeting #4 Slides | 1-29-20

FEB 26, 2020

APR 1, 2020

Breakout Session Topics

WeVideo & Padcaster | CoSpaces & VR | Tech Tools Discussion

Breakout Session Topics

Breakout Session Topics


EdTech Leadership Cohort Meeting #1 Slides | 9/25/19


EdTech Leadership Cohort Meeting #2 Slides | 10/30/19


EdTech Leadership Cohort Meeting #3 Slides | 12/4/19

Breakout Session Topics

WeVideo | SeeSaw | EdTech Grants

Breakout Session Topics

Hour of Code & Robotics | Clever | InnEdCO Proposals & EdTech Digital Tools Grants

Breakout Session Topics

SMART Online Learning Suite | Student Data Privacy | Connecting Classrooms Using Flipgrid, SeeSaw, Discovery Ed and Dreamwakers

➕ EdTech Leadership Cohort Building Capacity Extension ➕

SHARE YOUR LEARNING | This course is intended for members of the EdTech Leadership Cohort. After attending meetings throughout the semester, participants in the capacity building extension will plan for an engaging experience with staff members to teach something new about tech and tech-enhanced instruction. Course #16903 | Self-directed hours!

Participants choose to interact with small or whole-staff groups.

Examples of Experiences

  • Lunch and Learn Sessions
  • Presentations at staff or department/grade level meetings
  • Sessions on staff development days
  • Build a web site of tools being used at your school/site
  • Create a social media campaign
  • Book study on blended learning

Meeting Format & Info

Each meeting will consist of

  • Breakout sessions led by PSD Educators (fill out this form if interested)
  • IT Updates and Discussion with Dan Starke
  • Announcements about upcoming professional development
  • Prizes for presenters and participation.

I missed a class, how can I make up the work to receive credit?

  • If you missed no more than 1 of 3 cohort meetings you are eligible for makeup work.
  • Review the slideshow to the right for options to recover the 2 hours of missed class time and receive full class credit.
TLC Make up Options