Fall Athletics

To call, dial (314) 213-8000 and the extension listed by the coach’s name or email him/her from the Staff Directory

Cross Country

If you are interested in physical fitness, enjoy head-to-head competition, and enjoy being part of a team, cross country may be for you. Cross country promotes self-confidence and individual growth as well as a healthy and positive attitude toward hard work, competition and competitors. There are no cuts. Everyone participates.

Cross Country is available for boys and girls. Both have varsity, junior varsity, sophomore, and freshman teams. The season begins in mid-August and continues through the first week of November.


Boys: Matt McClellan (8143)

Girls: Margaret Hall (8412)

Asst. Kyle Hall (8910)

To receive PHS XC Text Messages (via Remind):

Send “@piratescc” in a text message to 81010 or go to remind.com/join/piratescc.

Girls Field Hockey

The newest addition to the PHS Athletics, Girls Field hockey is a team sport in which players try to score goals by hitting, pushing or flicking a ball into an opposing team’s goal using sticks. The positions and physical demands are very similar to soccer.

If you're looking for an activity that is team oriented, fast moving and challenging, Field Hockey may be the sport for you. Our season runs during the Fall with conditioning beginning in the month of June.


Jessica Hale (8703)

Asst. Mike Mooney (8070)


Through participation, each athlete will learn about self-disciplining, sacrifice and dedication. They learn to compete while displaying important qualities such as leadership, sportsmanship and persistence. More importantly, positive experiences will develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Pirate Football program has been very successful winning the Suburban North Football Conference four times. The Pirates have won fourteen district titles and placed 2nd in the Missouri State 5A Championship in 2000. The Football Pirates have made sixteen playoff appearances in the past twenty years.


Football Website: http://pirateboys.wix.com/pattonville


Head Coach: Steve Smith (8805)

Varsity: Scott Hauser (8813)

Varsity: Corey Lewis (8801)

JV: Antonio Bryant (8801)

JV: Christian Brinser (8058)

JV: Kent Booth (8165)

JV: Jesse Robinson (8805)

Freshman: Victor Fink (8715)

Freshman: Corey Newsome (8805)

Freshman: Steve Jones (8805)

Girls Golf

Any student who plays golf is encouraged to come out for the team. Girls golf is a fall sport and begins in late August and continues through October. Pattonville High School offers this sport on varsity and junior varsity levels. Team members must provide their own clubs. The girls team plays at Berry Hill Golf Course for its home matches.


Head Coach: David Gross (8102)

Asst. Scott Hutson (6311)

Boys Soccer

Pattonville offers both Boys and Girls Soccer at the Freshmen, JV and Varsity levels. Our teams play a very competitive schedule and have been very successful in recent years. The boys team finished 1st in the Suburban North Conference in 2008 and the girls have won 4 straight Suburban North Conference titles! In addition, the girls finished 3rd in the State in 2009 and 2nd in the State in 2010! The boys season runs from August through November and the girls season runs from March through early June.


Varsity: Marcus Christian (8708)

Varsity Asst: Tomi Benney (8708)

JV: Tom Crockett (8711)

Freshman: Jake Kim


Pattonville has been strong and is considered to be one of the better programs in the state. The team earned several Suburban North Conference titles, and has performed well in the state tournament, finishing fourth in the state two times. The 1993 team finished second, and the 1994 team was the STATE CHAMPION. There are varsity, junior varsity and freshman teams. The season runs mid-August through October.


Varsity Head Coach: Rob Simpson (8045)

Varsity Asst: Andrea Eagle (8704)

JV: Mary Cradick (8914)

JV: Lisa Foust (8153)

Boys Swimming and Diving

Swimming and diving are exercises of self-discipline. They are challenging, vigorous sports demanding physical conditioning and mental preparedness. Swimming and diving are offered at the varsity and junior varsity level for both boys and girls. The boys’ season begins during the second week of August and continues through the second week of November. The teams participate in approximately 15 meets.

Go to the PHS Swim & Dive Website for more information.


Varsity: Anna Braswell (8046)

Varsity Asst.: Nathan Jones (8109)

Girls Tennis

Pattonville tennis is all about learning, competing and having fun. You will be taught the basic skills and proper technique through a variety of games and activities. Our teams consistently finish at or near the top of the Suburban North Conference. The girls season begins in early August and continues through early October. If interested in playing tennis, come up and join us on the courts.


Head Coach: Jeff Grass (5325)

Asst.: Emily McDaniel (8203)

Girls Volleyball

If you are ready to be part of a competitive and fun-loving sport, come experience what the volleyball program has to offer. Pattonville High School offers volleyball at the varsity, junior varsity and freshman levels for girls and boys. The girls' team won the Suburban North Conference four times in the last five years and became state quarterfinalists twice. The season for the girls' program begins in early August and lasts through the first week of November. The boys season is in the spring.


Varsity: Kyle Walsh (8058)

Jr. Varsity: Carrie Gausling (7039)