PSHS Post Secondary Planning Resources


Counselors are available to support you through the post secondary planning process. This website is a compilation of resources to help students explore, research, and create a post-secondary plan that is best for them. Counselors are happy to meet with students to further assist and answer any questions. Students simply need to fill out a white counselor appointment form in Student Services or email their counselor directly.


There are many options for life after high school. Click which path you would like to explore:

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Senior Group Guidance: Lesson 1 (9/6/2022)

The following presentation is posted to Senior English Google Classrooms. It includes useful information on the College Application Process, Naviance, Transcript Requests, Letters of Recommendation, etc.

2022-2023 Senior Graduation Requirement Letter


The following graduation requirements will need to be completed to graduate in May:

● All students must complete 21 credits by the graduation date. If the credits are not completed by graduation, they cannot participate in the ceremony. Please reference the curriculum guide online for specific requirements from all departments. If your son or daughter is credit deficient, please contact your student’s counselor to discuss options and create a plan.

● All students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at If you choose not to fill out the FAFSA, students are required to complete the waiver found at this link,, and send it to Barb Kowalski in Student Services at The FAFSA or the waiver need to be submitted before March 1st. The earlier the FAFSA is submitted, the more opportunities students have of receiving grant money or scholarships that they will not have to pay back. Students/parents can use their 2021 Tax Returns to file this form now to increase their opportunity for financial aid. However, if parents/guardians choose to complete the waiver/non-participation form, this will not prohibit your child from completing the FAFSA in the future.

● Seniors must also complete the College Readiness Questionnaire. This questionnaire is located in Naviance and will need to be completed before March 1st. If your student is graduating early, then they will need to complete this questionnaire by December 1st.

● The last required item on the senior checklist to complete is the Senior Exit Survey. Seniors must fill out this survey in order to have their final transcript sent to their college/university, trade school, military, or employer. Information will be sent out during the last week of school before graduation in May.

To summarize, make sure your student has completed all the items on this checklist:

_____21 credits completed

_____SAT (completed junior year at respective high school)

_____FAFSA or FAFSA waiver (completed by March 1st)

_____College Readiness Questionnaire (completed by March 1st)

_____Senior Exit Survey (completed in May

Counseling Staff (By Student Alpha Slice)

Daniel Shuman (A - Chan)

Shelley Naheedy (Chao - Gi)

Jamie Heikes (Gj-Kq, & Score)

Megan Kappas (Kr-Morr, & Outside Placed)

Kayley Johnson (Mors-Rol)

Laura Swenson (Rom-Veq)

Annie Gomez (Ver - Z, & ESL)

Representatives that work with PSHS

Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC)

Davon Maxey

ISA Corps Community

Worker: Joliet Junior

College District

Cell: 1 (815) 677-8437

Joliet Junior College

Ava Thommen

Recruitment Specialist | Admissions | Joliet Junior College

815-280-2863 |


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