Mindfulness can be defined as the process by which we bring our attention to the present moment without judgment . It means slowing down and noticing our feelings, thoughts, and the physical sensations in our bodies. By doing this, our minds can become more calm and aware of the what is currently going on.

Practicing mindfulness helps enhance your focus and pay attention better . Mindfulness also helps us become more patient, to feel happier and enjoy things more , and staying calm under stress.

If this sounds like a superpower, it is! Being mindful helps people in just about every part of life. There are lots of ways to practice mindfulness and here are just a few .

Introduction to Mindfulness for PreK to Grade 2

Mindfulness with Class Dogo

Strengthen your superpower of calm with 4 mindful games

Mindful Yedi

Mindfulness for Middle School

Mindful Breathing

Mindful Minute for Middle Schoolers

Mindfulness 101 for Middle School

Mindfulness Activities

Calming Glitter Jars

Calm Down Glitter Jar

Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt


Mindfulness Tic- Tac - Toe


Mindfulness Coloring Pages

If you are really interested in learning more about mindfulness Mindful Schools offers free mindfulness classes for kids! See website above.